TLC Fans Think I Am Shauna Rae Is An Excellent Series To Watch – Here’s Why

TLC Fans Think I Am Shauna Rae Is An Excellent Series To Watch – Here’s WhyI Am Shauna Rae arrived to brighten up the lives of TLC fans. The show brings the story of a 22-year-old woman who became trapped inside the body of an eight-year-old child. The premise of the story brought some critics, but fans seemed to really enjoy the premiere this week.

I Am Shauna Rae Brings A Likeable Character

Spoilers for the new show revealed that Shauna faces a lot of difficulty in her life. While she started out life average-sized, that all changed at the age of six months old. As little baby,  she was treated for a tumor and the chemotherapy damaged her pituitary gland. So, she’s all grown up but is small. Many folks think she’s a child, and even her parents seem overprotective.

Some critics wondered why the I Am Shauna Rae star never went for hormonal treatment. Well, during the premiere, nobody questioned the reasons why she lives a difficult life. One of the biggest problems revolves around weird men who hope to date her as they have a fetish for small girls. But, she seems cheerful, determined, and full of attitude.

I Am Shauna Rae Impresses TLC Fans

Reactions to the premiere brought a lot of comments on Twitter. Mostly, fans seem very impressed. Certainly, it seems that TLC found a winner when they took on the story. Already, fans say they can’t wait for the next episode. And, for once, the network got some praise for bringing an interesting storyline to television.

TLC Fans Think I Am Shauna Rae Is An Excellent Series To Watch
@Pitcrewprincess / Twitter

New I Am Shauna Rae fans couldn’t say enough good things about the new series. One of them said, any of u guys watching this show …on TLC? y’all need to watch it its so funny and she is so amazing.”

Another fan commented, “Totally loving I Am Shauna Rae!!!! @TLC.” More followed:


More Comments That Approve of The new Series

Many more people feel that I Am Shauna Rae is definitely worth watching. One fan raved, “I love, Love, LOOOOOVE SHAUNA RAE, already!!! :))I cannot wait til next week, I want more!!! I enjoy that feisty attitude, she’s HILARIOUS!!!”

Then  another fan chimed in their praise for the network, saying, been waiting for this…show, tlc has become my fave channel lol.”

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, many email comments arrived in the preview for the premiere. One fan commented, “She was wonderful tonight on the show! There has to be a decent guy out there for her!😍”

This comment also summed it up for a lot of folks: “OBSESSED I love this family already!!”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with TLC right now. Come back here often for more I Am Shauna Rae spoilers, news, and updates.


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