Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Moriah Plath Posts ‘Breathtaking’ Photo

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Moriah Plath Posts 'Breathtaking' PhotoWelcome To Plathville spoilers revealed that Moriah Plath quickly became a fan favorite in the show. Very restricted as a child by her controlling parents, Barry and Kim, she couldn’t wait to kick over the traces and find her own emancipation.  Many TLC fans think that her New Year’s Day photo perfectly captured her journey of self-growth.

Welcome To Plathville – Moriah Booted Max As Too Controlling?

Most TLC fans believe that Max and Morah broke up. When you check their accounts out, posts of each other seem very rare these days. Max last posted up a photo of Moriah on November 5.  Well, making and breaking relationships in life isn’t a bad thing. After all, it takes time to really discover oneself. In fact, for Moriah who was denied so much freedom as a young teen, she still hunts for her own identity.

Welcome To Plathville spoilers revealed that Moriah Plath’s boyfriend Max spoke to her about her skimpy outfits. In fact, he seemed very possessive of her and fans hated that. So, they urged her to run away from him. Later, he admitted that he made a wrong move when he told her how to dress and who to talk to. He apologized, but fans strongly suspect she ditched him and got on with her life.

Welcome To Plathville – Moria’s ‘Breathtaking’ Photo

Clearly, Moriah gave a lot of thought to her New Year photo. She didn’t credit the photographer, unfortunately, but fans applauded whoever took it. It showed the two faces of Moriah. In her caption, she wrote, “2022 I may not be ready for you, but if there’s one thing I learned in 2021 it’s that I can’t control what happens to me! I can only control how I react!”

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers Moriah Plath Posts 'Breathtaking' Photo
Moriah Plath / Instagram

The Welcome To Plathville star also added, “Here’s to walking into 2022 with no expectations, I simply just want to be happy with whatever life brings, don’t fight it, embrace it! 🖤.” Her brother Micah said that he loved the photo. Plus, her sister-in-law Olivia wrote, “I’m not gonna jinx it and say this is your year lol, but I can’t wait to see how you hold the good things close, let go of the bad things, and continue to claim your individuality 🥰🤘🏼.”

TLC Fans Discuss The ‘Breathtaking ‘ Photo

Welcome To Plathville fans really liked the photo a lot. One of them wrote, “Absolutely beautiful photo in so many ways. Here we go 2022 ❤️.” Plenty of similar comments arrived. A blown-away fan opined, “This is insanely breathtaking Moriah! Props to the photographer. I pray you have an amazing 2022!”

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