When Sister Wives Fans Believe Robyn Brown Ceased Being Happy

When Sister Wives Fans Believe Robyn Brown Ceased Being HappySister Wives Fans have some theories as to when Kody Brown’s wife, Robyn first started being unhappy.

As fans know, Robyn Brown, 43, hasn’t been shy about telling fans how she felt but many recall that she wasn’t always this unhappy. When the Sister Wives veteran first arrived on the show, she had a recognizable glow about her. Now, in Season 16, it’s becoming difficult for fans to see that side of her. From her difficulties with Sister Wives’ fans to possible depression, fans have opened up about their theories on what’s eating Robyn Brown.
What follows are the times fans think Robyn lost her spark of happiness. Keep reading and we’ll discuss the details.

Robyn Changed the ‘Sister Wives’ Dynamic

Robyn Brown has been in the Sister Wives family since the show’s inception in 2010. Of course, as fans know, her entrance into the family had a disruptive effect on the polygamist family’s dynamic. An example of such disruption probably arose from Kody, 52, and Robyn acting like young lovebirds together. This didn’t go over well with the other Brown wives, Meri, 50, Christine, 49, and Janelle, 52.

Robyn and Kody were so smitten that Kody was even late to the birth of his child with Christine, Truely. While the other Sister Wives struggled to come to terms with the level of romance between Robyn and the Brown patriarch Robyn continued to reside on cloud 9. Unfortunately for Robyn, her bliss didn’t last, and fans began to witness the reality TV star lose that spark.

Fans Witness the Decline of Robyn’s Initial Bliss

Once known for bringing youth and vibrancy into the Sister Wives household, now it seems all the is known for is crying a lot. Since the pandemic began the cohesion of the Brown family unit has gradually worn down and the Sister Wives family has been brought to the brink of collapse.

When Sister Wives Fans Believe Robyn Brown Ceased Being Happy

Robyn has taken to complaining about her role in the family citing that she thinks the other wives blame her for Kody’s unpopular actions. Fans have watched as Robyn has gone from blissful newlywed to where she is now with one Reddit user commenting, “In the earlier seasons, Robyn looks young, vibrant, and happy… What do you think happened?”

Other fans have commented similarly after the 2016 birth of Ariella, “Idk if [Ariella’s] a difficult baby, if there was some [postpartum depression] involved… but she becomes a completely different person after that birth.” Still another fan commented on her apparent inability to shake the haters, writing, “She can’t even get online without being harassed…that certainly would get old.”

Fans are surely hoping that something gives for Robyn and she’s able to break her cycle of depression before it’s too late. Be sure to catch up with the Sister Wives family and return her regularly for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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