Why 1000-Lb. Sisters Fans Think Tammy Wants to Be Bedridden

Why 1000-Lb. Sisters Fans Think Tammy Wants to Be Bedridden1000-Lb. Sisters fans think Tammy Slaton wants to be bedridden.

Doctors have warned that, if the reality TV star doesn’t lose weight she could very well be confined to her bed. Reddit fans believe that is exactly what Tammy wants – to give up and resign to live in her bed.

“Honestly [Tammy] might just want to die eating instead of going on a diet.”

Keep reading and we’ll explain it in more detail.

The Difference Between Life and Death for Slaton Sisters

In each season of 1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy Slaton, 35, has failed to meet her weight loss goals and fans are beginning to get the impression that the reality TV star doesn’t care about becoming bed-bound. Both she and her sister have been warned that if they don’t change their lifestyles, improve their fitness, and lose a certain amount of weight they could easily end up bound to a bed. Though Amy has made great strides in improving her health, Tammy has refused to do something as simple as a small walk and seems altogether ambivalent about her situation.

In Season 1 of the show, it seemed to fans that both Amy, 34, and Tammy were eager to follow along with the plan to turn their lives around. As Tammy began to buck the changes the doctor told both sisters that weight loss surgery could be the difference between life and death for them, adding that, if Tammy kept on overeating, she could lose the ability to walk on her own and would ultimately be bound to her bed.

Why 1000-Lb. Sisters Fans Think Tammy Wants to Be Bedridden

Tammy Bailed on Rehab and May Have Driven Nurse Tila Away

The news frightened Tammy and their brother Chris enough that they made the necessary changes – but fans have not witnessed the same determination from their sister Tammy. Now, at the start of Season 3, the largest Slaton sister left rehab early rather than remain and achieve her goal to lose 100 lbs. Instead, the reluctant reality star lost merely 60 lbs. before skipping out on the program.

And the drama continued as Tammy made life hard for her own home health nurse, Tisa – even to the point that fans now believe that Tisa may have left the show. At one point, it took Tisa yelling at Tammy just to get her to walk a few steps.

Fans have witnessed Tammy do tasks like walking and getting out of her chair enough to know that she’s capable of achieving her goals. Therefore, it’s not difficult for them to believe that she has given up on that altogether. Many fans have commented on the matter, but some, such as the following commenter, have taken it to a much sadder level.

“[Tammy’s] in a spot where she’s just accepted it and she wants to live her last years or months indulging in… food.”

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  1. Annette Cameron says

    Looks like they both has given up on themselves, Amy seems to be content where she is now with her weight now, she’s gaining back her weight slowly. Amy not being consistent! As for Tammy she just don’t care, all she sees is the check, and the fact she LOVES food more then life. Maybe / hopefully with Amy moving that will tricker Tammy to do better with her self! I belive if Amy would get back on track with her weight loss no matter the occasion, with them living apart might be good for them both.. I enjoy watching the show, looking forward for the next season!!

  2. Roseann Cunningham says

    Tammy get off your lazy ass and start moving around your family they are sick of your shit and why bother the doctors with your bullshit to their are people out there trying to stay alive and you think everything is a joke if I was your doctor I would throw your lazy ass out of the program you don’t want any help stay fat that’s what you want and get off the show you are the most miserable person to get off the show big girl go eat 16 more meals. Don’t feel bad for you. Cause you don’t want to try to loose a pound

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