1000 Lb Best Friends Spoilers: Getting To Know Vannessa Cross

1000 Lb Best Friends Spoilers: Getting To Know Vannessa Cross1000 Lb. Friends Spoilers reveal four best friends who are seeking to lose weight. Vannessa Cross is one of these women and has visited Dr. Proctor before. Vannessa was on Discovery Plus’ “Too Large” as well. Will Vannessa succeed this time?

1000 Lb. Best Friends – Who Is Vannessa?

1000 Lb. Best Friends Vannessa appears on the new TLC series with Meghan Crumpler, Ashely Sutton, and Tina Arnold. Vannessa appears with her friend Meghan after failing to get weight loss surgery on “Too Large.” Meghan has surgery after losing the amount of weight that Dr. Proctor required and Vannessa is jealous.

Vannessa doesn’t understand how it can look so easy for Meghan but she cannot stick to the diet. Vanessa admits that she wanted Meghan to mess up because she has done it so many times. Is Vannessa truly jealous of her best friends’ progress? How can Vanessa blame Meghan when she had the same opportunity to change and didn’t? Shouldn’t Vannessa be happy for her friend?

1000 Lb. Best Friends – Vannessa’s Weight Struggles

1000 Lb. Best Friends Vannessa says that she has been big all of her life. Vannessa blames her mother saying she gave her sweets when she was younger for comfort and praise. Vannessa weighed 440 while shooting 1000 Lb Best Friends. Vannessa was also up to 448 at one point.

As the show follows Vannessa fans will learn whether or not she gets her weight loss surgery. Vannessa was born in Georgia and still lives there. When Vannessa and Meghan started this journey their combined weights equaled 1000 pounds. Last year the ladies decided to get weight loss surgery, however, Meghan is the only one who got it.

1000 Lb Best Friends Spoilers: Getting To Know Vannessa Cross

1000 Lb. Best Friends – Cross On “Too Large”

1000 Lb. Best Friends got fans’ and TLC’s attention when they appeared on “Too Large.” “Too Large” debuted June 2, 2021, on Discovery Plus. On the show, Meghan was the first to visit Dr. Proctor to get surgery. Meghan then talked Vannessa into visiting Dr. Proctor as well. Vannessa suffered some health setbacks including cancer while trying to get approval.

Vannessa told Dr. Proctor that she gets angry when she sees food but cannot have it. Dr. Proctor believes that Vannessa needs to deal with some of these issues before she will be mentally ready for surgery. Can Vannessa lose enough weight to qualify for surgery before the season finale of 1000 Lb. Best Friends?

1000 Lb. Best Friends airs on TLC at 10 pm. On Monday nights. The show is also available for streaming on TLC.go and Discovery Plus.

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