Anna Duggar STUNS With Shocking New Instagram Post About Josh Duggar!

Anna Duggar STUNS With Shocking New Instagram Post About Josh Duggar!In the wake of husband Josh Duggar’s guilty verdict, Anna Duggar maintained social media silence. But now Anna has broken it. And Josh’s wife stunned Instagram followers with what she shared.

Find out exactly what Anna wrote on Instagram that sparked a debate. And see if you think that Josh’s wife still believes in his innocence. Catch up with the “Counting On” alum below!

Anna Breaks Social Media Silence With Josh Duggar Shocker!

Ever since Josh Duggar got hit with a child pornography guilty verdict, his wife Anna has stayed silent on social media. But now her Instagram reveal that she broke that silence. And Josh’s 33-year-old spouse seems to have decided to defend him, per the Sun.

But not all fans agree that Anna’s cryptic Instagram post actually supports Josh. And that’s because she took cryptic to a new level in confusion! All that the “Counting On” alum wrote consists of six short words. “There is more to the story,” promised Anna. 

Wait, what?! As a result of her confusing quote, fans scrambled to figure out a context. And her parenthetical promise directing followers to “see link in bio” just added to the bewilderment. Clicking on the link opens up a long legal document. But it only reveals Josh’s previously reported motion. 

Why Did Anna Duggar Link Josh’s Legal Filing Onto Social Media?!

Anna’s Instagram fans hunted through the 27 pages of the legal document without knowing why. But some clues do exist. For instance, the document emphasizes that Josh’s legal team will push to dismiss his second guilty verdict of possessing child pornography.

And the court papers also show that Anna’s husband believes he can seek an acquittal on the grounds that he didn’t know what he viewed. As a result of the papers, we now know how Josh’s legal team will argue his case. “The Government failed to adduce any evidence that Duggar knew that the visual depictions were of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct,” claim the documents.

Anna Duggar STUNS With Shocking New Instagram Post About Josh Duggar!

And the documents that Anna shared go even further. For instance, they claim that the files allegedly found on Josh’s computer never actually got viewed by anyone using the workstation. As a result, his lawyers believe that the jury didn’t get any evidence that Josh himself “personally viewed any specific portion of any of the files allegedly found on the computer.”

But despite Anna’s apparent faith in her husband’s legal team, Josh still faces a potential of decades behind bars. In December 2021, Josh received guilty verdicts of possessing and receiving child pornography. And that could mean as long as two decades in prison for each guilty count. 

Do you agree with Anna that Josh’s legal team can save him from decades behind bars? Share your views with us! And then check back on our site for more about Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and the “Counting On” clan!

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