Counting On: Josh and Anna Duggar Sells Arkansas Dream Home For Cheap

Counting On: Josh and Anna Duggar Sells Arkansas Dream Home For CheapCounting On spoilers and updates tease that Josh and Anna Duggar sold their Arkansas dream home for cheap. The property was reportedly sold for $450,000, which was below the asking price, months before Josh was found guilty of child pornography.

Fans may recall that Josh has been arrested for possessing and receiving child pornography in 2021. The authorities raided Wholesale Motorcars, his used car lot in November 2019.

Anna Sells Dream Home For $450,000

According to The Sun, Anna, Josh’s 33-year-old wife, listed their property in Springdale Arkansas for $799,000 in September 2020, one year after the authorities raided the car lot. The four-bathroom home wasn’t sold until one year later. Anna managed to close a deal on September 19, 2021, but the house was sold only for $450,000, which was way below the asking price.

Based on the photos of the property that was featured on Realtor, the property wasn’t in good condition. The stone flooring was outdated, the kitchen cabinets were old, and the in-ground pool had green water and algae.

According to property records, Josh and Anna’s home was first owned by Jim Bob. He bought it in October 2016 for $325,000. The property was then sold to Soli Deo Gloria, an LLC under Anna’s name for $257,078 in June 2019.

Josh Reveals Dream Home Plans To Authorities

In a court transcript from a hearing that took place on September 27, 2021, it was revealed that Josh told the authorities about his dream home plans. In an audio interview that was recorded, Josh told two Homeland Security agents that his pregnant wife and five kids are living in the house for six months.

He revealed that they’re remodeling their home that’s 8,000 square feet in size.

“So we spend some time there, sometimes at my parents’ place as well. So we’re kind of split between the two, depending what we have going on there,” Josh said.

However, they never got to finish their remodeling project and Anna had to list their property.

Anna Duggar Opens Up, Duggars Stay Silent

Josh’s Guilty Verdict

Josh was sent to Washington County Jail after he was found guilty at trial. He’s facing up to 20 years in prison for each count of child pornography. Josh’s legal team filed a motion for an acquittal and is also requesting a new trial. If both requests are denied, Josh’s legal team will ask to dismiss the possession of child pornography charges.

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