Counting On: More Details Emerge On Unsavory Footage Josh Duggar Watched

Counting On: More Details Emerge On Unsavory Footage Josh Duggar WatchedCounting On fans felt really disgusted when the reason for Josh Duggar’s arrest came to light last year. However, it didn’t really surprise any of them. Long before his conviction for downloading and possessing child porn, they suspected he might have the hots for kids. Well, an unsealed court document revealed that he allegedly watched other unsavory things.

Counting On Fans Believe Josh Duggar Is Totally Guilty

Recently, Anna Duggar shared a post about Josh on her Instagram account. That led people to a legal document about Josh hoping for an acquittal or a retrial. So clearly, she still thinks he’s innocent. Well, many TLC fans simply think he has way too much history to claim the title of King Of The Driven Snow.

Counting On alum Anna can’t be ignorant of the fact that Josh cheated on her when he joined the Ashley Madison married dating platform. Surely, she’s aware of the fact that he admitted he molested his little sisters years ago. Furthermore, is it possible she never heard of adult film star Danica Dillon? Recall, she alleged that he engaged in rough sexual conduct.

Counting On – Unsavory Footage Emerges

According to The Sun, released court documents showed that Josh Duggar didn’t stop at watching little kids being abused. In fact, he allegedly also “watched r*pe p*rn before committing the crime that landed him behind bars.” Why are TLC fans not likely to be surprised by that?

Counting On: Things Are Looking Bad For Josh Duggar

Counting On fans heard long ago, that the family installed the Covenant Eyes program on his computer. Designed to alert Anna if he went off and watched unsavory things, he simply got around that by creating a partition. Well, TLC fans sometimes suspect that Anna feels that she has no option but to stand with her husband. Many of them suspect that as she’s now dependent on Jim Bob Duggar, she does what he wants.

Stuck With Josh

The Counting On alum might actually think her husband could have done nasty things during his viewing time. But really, where else can she go? She has seven kids and apparently little or no way of earning an income. What are your thoughts about that? Fans might never know where she stands on the fact that right now, her husband is disgraced.

Raised and wedded into a tight-knit community actually seems to give her very few choices in life. Actually, some fans feel a bit sorry for Anna. However, that starts turning into impatience as she has small kids, so fans fear for them if Josh ever does win his acquittal.

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  1. Eric says

    My opinion on Anna Duggar’s situation is that she had turned 18 and she met the Duggar Family and thought Josh was great guy because of the families reputation. I think that was used as a way to get Anna to trust Josh and start there relationship. Josh basically is a liar and who knows what is the truth and what is lies that Josh has and is telling her. She is in a tight spot because she relies on the Duggars for financial support making her dependent on the family. Anna says that divorce is her option, it would be my last option also if I was facing being alone and poor. To me it is a sad and disturbing situation she is in and pretty much no escape, unless some miracle happens

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