Doubling Down With The Derricos: Did Karen Derrico Have A Stroke?

Doubling Down With The Derricos: Did Karen Derrico Have A Stroke?Doubling Down With The Derricos Spoilers suggests that fans are still worried about Karen Derrico after what presented itself as a stroke-like attack last season. However, Karen was given a clean bill of health afterward. Did Karen have a stroke or was it a false alarm?

Doubling Down With The Derricos – Karen Derricos’s Attack Left Fans Concerned

Last season while watching Doubling Down With the Derricos fans saw Karen’s side suddenly become limp and she had no control over it. The show medic evaluated her and an ambulance was called to transport Karen to the hospital. Fans were aware of how upset Karen was to lose her baby last season as well.

It seemed that Karen may have been run down but the sudden paralysis indicated a possible stroke. Karen has been pregnant more than fifteen times and that would take a toll on anyone. What exactly happened to Karen that night during the interview segment of the show? Did Karen learn the truth about her attack that night?

Doubling Down With The Derricos – Karen Derrico Did Not Have A Stroke

Doubling Down With The Derricos Karen was rushed to the hospital. Karen didn’t have any blood pressure issues and eats healthy which worked out in her favor. After a battery of tests at the hospital, it was discovered that Karen was suffering from a series of untreated muscle spasms that lead to her paralysis.

Karen then had to under massage therapy before the spasms completely diminished. Now Karen seems to be doing well and with the new season just starting, the family has plans to go to South Carolina for a while.

Doubling Down With The Derricos: Did Karen Derrico Have A Stroke?

Doubling Down With The Derricos – Karen Derrico Has Made A Full Recovery

Doubling Down With The Derricos fans that watched the season finale saw Karen walk out of the hospital after getting treatment and returning home to her very grateful family. Karen’s illness also leads to Deon Derrico giving into Karen’s desire to at least visit her family in South Carolina. Now that Karen and Deon are taking the family to South Carolina, Deon is having problems trying to convince his mother to move with them.

Of course, Deon’s mother known to the kids as GG wants no part of moving to South Carolina. Deon’s mom is old enough to know more about racism than she has forgotten and doesn’t have fond memories from her earlier years. Will GG go with them at all?

Now that Karen knows she didn’t have a stroke, will she and Deon try to have another child, or is the couple done with babies after last season’s medical issues? Could Karen risk a stroke by getting pregnant again?

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