How Is Anna Duggar Providing For Children?

How Is Anna Duggar Providing For Children?The Duggars spoilers reveal that fans of the show are curious how Anna Duggar is going to provide for her family now that her husband, Josh Duggar has been charged with child porongraphy charges. His sentencing will take place in April, but it looks as if she may need to find a job immediately.

When The Money Stops

Anna is now at home with seven children and no one to help to support them. The Duggars’ show, Counting On was canceled because of the horrible charges against her husband. We are all curious as to what will happen now and how will Anna pay for her children to eat and how will she pay Josh’s fines?

The couple did own a use car company, but now that it has been all over the news, chances that people will want to buy from Anna are slim to none. Anna has been very quiet on social media and her diehard fans are not even sure where she is living right now. Some think that she may be with Jim Bob and Michelle at the Duggar compound, while others think she may be out on her own.

Is She Getting Help?

With a brood of seven, it is going to be hard to keep them all fed and clothed without help. If she does go get a job, she will need childcare and that is why many fans think Michelle could be helping her out with the kids. Some fans think that she will start to turn to make money on social media the way many of her in-laws do, but from what we have seen so far, she is staying far away from it.

What is Anna going to do? Her choices may be to get a job in order to help out her entire familiy. This is not going to be easy on her and we will have to wait and see what happens next. Hopefully, she will update us on social media.

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