Love After Lockup Drops A Teaser Plus New Cast Couples

Love After Lockup Drops A Teaser Plus New Cast CouplesLove After Lockup returns to WE tv Friday, March 4 and fans can expect 10 dramatic episodes. New cast members come along, and the show follows the usual format. If you never watched it before, the show starts with newly released prisoners who meet their fancied partner. Then, the show follows them as they prepare to tie the knot. Often, it’s a complete trainwreck.

Love After Lockup New Season, New Couples & A Return

WETV fans will meet new couples in the season, but the good news is that Indie and Harry return to our screens. Recall, they featured on the new spinoff, Love During Lockup. In the show, her mom hated the idea of her dating a prisoner. The bounty hunter did everything she could to prevent her from moving to Ohio. In fact, a psychic told Indie that the move was a good thing.

New couples on Love After Lockup include Rick, 20 years older than Raydean. They met years ago, and at the time, she dated a friend of Rick’s. Actually, they all belonged to the same motorcycle club. Well, Rick had the hots for her but one day, she simply seemed to disappear. When he did hear from her, she was in prison, but he decided to go for it, and can’t wait to try and make a go of life with her.

Love After Lockup New Season: Kaylah & Martel From Atlanta

About 14 years ago, Kaylah and Martel met when they both attended the same party. However, after dating a bit, Martel landed up in trouble with the law. So, he ended up arrested and incarcerated. Meanwhile, Kaylah remained loyal and they continued dating and communicating. It’s been 13 years since they were both together, but things look a bit like a trainwreck as secrets will emerge that might impact their future.

Fans of Love After Lockup will also meet a new couple to Love After Lockup named Tayler and Chance. She was previously with another inmate: her ex-husband. Well, while he was doing time, Chase met Taylor’s ex. These days, she raises her kids, but it doesn’t seem to worry Chance. Lonely, she kept him on the phone and he grew interested. So, he called back regularly. Both families seem less than happy that they two want to continue their relationship after his release. Additionally, it might not work out as Chance has difficulty honoring promises.

Love After Lockup Drops A Teaser Plus New Cast Couples

Lacey Who Fell In Love With Antoine

This romance seems rather complex. After all, they met through Antoine’s mom. Lacey’s 12 years older than Antoine and was unhappily married.  Lacey took to Antoine but became unhappy with Antoine’s marriage, and it fizzled out. Anyway, he later called her from, behind bars. Things get strained with family members and they find some age difference problems as well. Certainly, it’s clear that Lacey starts having some second thoughts about being with her love interest.

Finally, Love After Lockup fans will see that Kevin and Tiffany of Arlington, Texas hooked up. Women seem to like him a lot, and he’s described as a bit of a playboy. He quite likes Tiffany, but their relationship ran into problems when she ended up behind bars. Now, they will try and make a go of it. As she didn’t know him all that well before she went inside, they really need to get to know each other a bit better.

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