Married At First Sight Spoilers: Lindsey FLIPS, Tells Mark “The Shark” Go Home To Mama

Married At First Sight: Lindsey and Mark

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that so far, season 14 of MAFS not going smoothly and may just be headed for another disastrous season like its predecessor, season 13.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Couples Bowling Date

The couples all meet at a bowling alley to enjoy a few rounds and to catch up with each other. Mark Maher was matched with Lindsey Georgoulis, and they have been having a few issues. One of things that really rubs him the wrong way is that Lindsey has no filter. They are talking about how Lindsey gets Mark to try new things and Steve Moy asks if she blindfolds him. Lindsey replies, “I would though, and take it to the bedroom.” Mark immediately has an awkward look on his face and Katina Good thinks what she said is inappropriate. Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency say that they met with Pastor Cal and he told them to do a reset, since then they have been fine. Lindsey then says that she read somewhere that you can’t have intimacy with someone unless you have had conflict with them first. Because when you have conflict you learn how to respect each other’s boundaries. Katina rolls her eyes and Lyndsey asks why she is doing that. Mark doesn’t like that Lindsey confronts Katina about the eye-rolling. Once the couples disband Mark approaches Lindsey about what she said to Katina, she shouldn’t have done it according to him. He says it makes him feel uncomfortable when she does that, they are supposed to be a team. He walks away and sarcastically tells her to have another drink. He says she can’t let things go, she can’t bury the hatchet. She can’t not speak up when she should walk away.

Married At First Sight Updates – Lindsey Loses It

Lindsey goes to the bathroom and a producer follows her inside. Lindsey says, “I’m sorry that you are not a strong man and you cannot speak up right now because you’re life is in a crisis. I am accepting you for all your flaws and not once are you thanking me or congratulating me. He makes sixty grand a year selling gym memberships, simmer down little boy and let me show you how to be a badass b—-.” A different producer tries to reason with Lindsey. “I hate my husband, he’s a pathetic f— loser. Tell me one other wife that would deal with this s— and that would be okay with supporting you through this s—. I hazmat suit on your f—— infested apartment because you don’t have your s— together.” She then goes on about their intimacy and says that making her climax is the least he could do at this point.

They continue to try to get her out of the bathroom and she ends it by saying, “’You’ve literally pushed me so far off.’ I’m like, ‘F— you, dude. Have fun living in your roach-infested apartment with your f—— income. I’m going to go back into South Boston with my good life and have fun. I don’t need you. Where are you going back? Your mama’s?”

Do you think Lindsey and Mark will be able to get over this and move on? Should Lindsey have confronted Katina for the eye-rolling?

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