Married At First Sight Spoilers: The Aftermath Of Chris And Alyssa

Chris Collette And Alyssa Ellman

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Chris Collette told Pastor Calvin Roberson that he wanted a divorce, after only ten days of marriage. To him, the most important metric in marriage is trying, the more you try the more you can get past and he feels like Alyssa Ellman had zero tries in her.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – The Aftermath

Not only do Chris and Alyssa have to deal with getting a divorce after ten days of marriage, in addition to the hurt they have to break the news to the loved ones that supported them, and that can be painful as well. Chris video chats with his mom, he is sad and disappointed to be back home and single, and it is tough to tell her the news because she was looking forward to his getting married since he was little. He tells her that after the wedding, the marriage took a turn right away. It sucked, it didn’t start great. They went to Puerto Rico and had a honeymoon suite, and Alyssa didn’t want to stay in the large room with him. Furthermore, every time they talked about the state of their relationship Alyssa would walk away. Alyssa kept using the word “robbed” because the experts didn’t give her the guy she wanted. His mom says that Chris got robbed and Alyssa wanted her fifteen minutes of fame. Chris says he feels robbed because nobody was going to get the guy or girl they wanted, he just wanted someone who was going to try.

Married At First Sight Updates – Chris Is Angry

On the video chat with his mom, Chris says, “I am pissed off at how this went. Every day I feel less and less like she tried. It is hard for me to think that someone can come into this process knowing everything that is expected of them and still claim that it was worse for them than fifty other couples that have gone through this process. But still, we, faster than anyone in the experience, are done.” His mom says Alyssa was looking for reasons to get out of this and not to look bad. Chris wonders if it was purely a physical thing and she couldn’t get past it. He goes on to say that he told Pastor Cal that it was his Decision Day when they met after the honeymoon and he said what Alyssa wouldn’t say, he wanted a divorce – because she was never into the process. His mom says Alyssa did him a favor, he wouldn’t want to spend decades with someone like her.

Chris admits that it is going to take time and healing to get over this, but he is ready for what the future holds for him.

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