My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Larry Myers and His Motivation

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Larry Myers and His MotivationMy 600-Lb Life spoilers reveal that Larry Myers is trying his best to lose the extra weight he needs to in order to get gastric bypass surgery. We recently saw him on the January 26 episode of the show and he has gained a lot of fans already. They really want him to find the motivation to lose the weight and they really feel as if he can.

Larry’s Motivation and Lifestyle

Being as heavy as Larry can be a little troubling, especially when it comes to losing weight. He is over 600 pounds, when we see him in the episode, and for anyone of this size, it’s going to take a lot of lifestyle changes to lose that weight. Can he do it?

The storyline of Larry is that his entire life is about food. He told cameras that all he sees is food. He has very sharp pains that keep him from walking and standing up. He can only be on his feet for about five minutes and then he has to sit down again. He has always used food as his “medicine”, but the eating has gotten way out of hand.

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Larry Myers and His Motivation

His Relationship With Food

Larry told the cameras, “The relationship that I have with food, I know it’s not normal. I eat to comfort myself. When I’m cooking, it’s the only time I’m happy, besides when I’m eating. So it’s the time that I like to sing and I sing gospel. Because the rest of the time, when I’m not eating, most of my thoughts are morbidly depressing.”

Larry used to be a motivational speaker and it does seem as if he needs a little motivation of his own. He has spoken out to others about his weight and he did lose motivation when his sister died. This is when he turned to food once again. This is all part of the issues that he has with trying to lose the extra weight.

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