Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Where are the Snowdens?

 Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Where are the SnowdensSeeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that fans of the show are curious about what happened to the Snowden family. Dimitri and Ashley Snowden had quite the interesting relationship and there were even some alleged abusive rumors floating around about the couple and the wives they had. They had quite the interesting relationship with Christeline Petersen in the third season of the show and now fans are just curious what happened to them.

Where are They Now?

Ashley and Dimitri did struggle a little bit when it came to finding a new wife. They had a short-lived romance with a woman named Vanessa and Dimitri couldn’t win over Christeline. She also accused them of domestic abuse and that is when fans of the show began to wonder about what was going on with them.

The Snowdens have been part of a controversy with the allegations against them. Many fans of the show feel that this is why they have stayed out of the spotlight of social media. Ashley did speak out against these allegations shortly after Christeline made them, but Dimitri never uttered a word. It is pretty evident that Dimitri and Christeline’s relationship wasn’t that great and she even filed a restraining order against him and we saw him run to South Africa!

The Snowdens Come Back

Ashely did announce to fans that she and Dimitri had parted ways. She told her fans that she was now single and he confirmed that they were no longer together. He deleted all of the pictures that he had with her in them on his Instagram account.

 Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Where are the Snowdens

He still has 140,000 followers, but hasn’t posted in quite some time. The last time that he posted anything, he was sharing his business ventures as the owner of Dimitri Snowden Designs.

Ashley has been pretty quiet on social media as well. She posts here and there, but for the most part, it seems that she is enjoying her life without Dimitri and has started over in life and in love.

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