Sister Wives: Christine Brown Reveals How Kody Hurt Her In ‘Basement Wife’ Life

christine brown sister wives divorce kody brownSister Wives spoilers reveal more about what caused Christine Brown to leave Kody Brown. And as the 49-year-old has hinted before, she divides the blame between herself and her estranged husband. But the newest teasers concern what Christine calls her “basement wife” existence, per the Sun.

And the spoilers show how Christine’s emotional overload lead up to her November 2021 split. Find out what the Sister Wives star claims about Kody below. And see if you think that Christine herself should take part of the blame.

Sister Wives Christine Shares What Kody Refused To Do For Her!

As a result of the time passed since Christine shared her split, she now feels ready to share more about her emotions. And she also wants to help Sister Wives viewers understand why she chose to leave Kody. For instance, Christine alleges that Kody refused to support her even at her most “overwhelmed” point. 

But the Sister Wives star also offered a surprising confession. While blaming Kody for refusing to help her, Christine admitted that she allowed herself to become “weaker.” And she sums up her pre-split life as that of a “basement wife.” 

As a result of that standing, the Sister Wives star feels that she became the wife most frequently overlooked and even neglected. “I didn’t know, at that time, about basement wives,” added Christine. “I chose to just let it happen. And I chose to be weaker.”

Does Christine Blame Kody’s Other Three Wives?

But Christine also indicated that Kody’s other wives did nothing to help her when she felt so overwhelmed. Kody, 53, remains married to Meri, 51, Janelle, 52, and Robyn, 43. And compared to them, Christine feels she found life “easier” as the weakest link. 

As she looks back, Christine confessed that she “lost herself” amid the plural marriage lifestyle. And everyone benefited from her willingness to help others… except for Christine herself! “I put everybody first most of the time. I put whatever Kody needed aside,” added the Sister Wives star.

But beyond caring for others rather than herself, Christine also filled a very specific role in the plural marriage. And she summed up that role as serving as the “peacemaker.” As a result, Christine felt that she constantly was “running on empty.”

The Sister Wives star also opened up about seeking help from Kody prior to the split. But she emphasized that he refused to help because of the polygamy guidelines. In his view, Christine had cheated on their pact that family always comes first. And ultimately, that led to Christine choosing to leave rather than continue to sacrifice herself. 

Tell us what you think. Do you believe Christine should have taken a stronger stance in getting Kody and the other wives to help her? And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more Sister Wives news!

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