Sister Wives: Robyn Says Christine and Kody Still Married

Sister Wives: Robyn Says Christine and Kody Still MarriedSister Wives spoilers and updates tease that Christine and Kody Brown are still married, despite the former’s claim that they’ve already split. Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn dropped the bomb and said the pair still share a spiritual union.

Fans know that Roby was the last one to join Kody’s plural marriage. Fans claim that she’s Kody’s favorite wife and she doesn’t get along with the other Sister Wives.

In an interview with Sukanya Krishnan, Robyn refuted Christine’s claim that she and Kody are divorced. The fourth wife doesn’t believe that they’re divorced because the church didn’t grant them one.

Christine Decides To Leave Kody

Christine Brown was a member of the Apostolic United Brethren. Their church allows women to leave their husbands if their marriage isn’t working out. But they need to go through some special proceedings to finalize the divorce.

Christine says she’s no longer going to that church and she has no plans of returning. A source also revealed that Christine made the decision to leave and Kody didn’t have any part in it.

The interview with Sukanya also featured Kody and his other wives. When it was Christine’s turn, she made it clear that she doesn’t care about “ecclesiastical authorities” meddling with her decision to leave Kody. She doesn’t need anyone else to tell or confirm that her marriage is over.

When Sukanya tells Christine that Robyn feels sad about her split with Kody, she says Roby is “sweet.” But also continued to say that “it’s not fun breaking people’s hearts.” She also clearly stated that she and Kody have separated completely.

Kody’s Take on Separation with Christine

Kody doesn’t seem to mind that Christine is ending it between them. He says he’s comfortable with where Christine is at right now. However, he made it clear that divorce is in God’s hands so he’s not worried about his divorce from Christine. Perhaps he doesn’t believe that they’re legally separate, not to mention the fact that he’s been open about being “anti-divorce.”

Sister Wives: Robyn Says Christine and Kody Still Married

Robyn Breaks Down During Tell-All Interview

Robyn reveals that it’s been tough and painful for her when they talked about her place in the family. She added that she’s been constantly blamed for Kody’s decisions.

Robyn thinks she’s become an easy target by the rest of the family members. She wants them to see that she loves the family and is committed to them. But she continues to feel out of place.

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