Sister Wives: Why Would Robyn Brown Say Christine and Kody Are Still ‘spiritually’ Married?

Sister Wives: Why Would Robyn Brown Say Christine and Kody Are Still ‘spiritually’ MarriedRobyn Brown may have an ulterior motive for inferring that Christine and the Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown are still “spiritually” married, fans certainly believe she does.

Robyn has had plenty to say about Christine and Kody’s relationship since the two separated, and Christine moved back to Utah, in season 16. However, most recently, Robyn has implied that she doesn’t believe the two Sister Wives alums have divorced.

According to Screen Rant, it was during the Sister Wives tell-all special that the Brown family discussed the disintegration of Kody’s polygamist marriage with Christine, and Robyn made some claims that left followers confounded. Continue reading and we’ll give you the low down.

Sister Wives: When Christine and Kody Began to Unravel

Fans will recall that it was Kody’s efforts to mitigate the effect of COVID on his family that ultimately led to the dissolution of his partnership with Christine and a general loss of control of his entire polygamous situation. The COVID rules that Brown laid down were not too popular with Janelle, 52, and Christine, 49, as the strict rules made it seem like Kody was in a monogamous relationship with just Robyn.

Pretty soon, it wasn’t just the Sister Wives making note of the disparity, but viewers also began to take note. Fans began to speculate that Robyn was actually the one behind Kody’s strict COVID protocol, indicating that they believe she was trying to monopolize his time. When Christine and Kody split, Kody and Robyn lost control of the family.

Sister Wives: Robyn Doesn’t Want New Wife to Replace Christine

Since both Kody and Christine announced the end of their marriage in November 2021, via social media, the comments made by Robyn seemed fishy to fans. One Redditt user did not think Robyn, 43, had any say in the matter, at all, writing, ” I don’t get why Robyn thinks she gets a say in this?”

Some Sister Wives fans have mentioned the possibility that Robyn said what she said because she doesn’t want to new sister wife to contend with should Kody pick one to replace Christine. One fan explained, “[Robyn] needs to convince Kody that he still has 4 wives so he doesn’t go find a new one to replace her.”

Sister Wives: Why Would Robyn Brown Say Christine and Kody Are Still ‘spiritually’ Married

Sister Wives: Could Robyn Be Trying to Secure Place in Heaven?

If Kody picked up another wife, that would put Robyn’s position, as the reigning favorite, in jeopardy, yet and still, other viewers think it could be Robyn’s Mormon religious beliefs that are influencing her to not accept Kody and Christine’s divorce. Christine may want to secure Christine’s marriage to Kody out of the desire to get into heaven.

One Redditor explained it this way, writing, “Three is enough for their tier of heaven, so as long as Meri doesn’t leave they’re good.” One thing is certain, though Kody and Christine have galvanized the end of their marriage, Robyn still wants to believe it is still intact. Be sure to catch more Sister Wives, Sunday at 9 PM CST on TLC and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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