The Duggars Michelle Duggar Has A New Look

The Duggars Michelle Duggar Has A New LookThe Duggars spoilers reveal that fans are going crazy about Michelle Duggar’s new look. The 19 Kids and Counting star was happy to show her fans her new appearance and some of them were a little shocked by it. This doesn’t seem to be the look that we all thought that she would go for.

Fans React

Michelle’s fans were not expecting her to change the way she looks so drastically. It is about time Michelle had a glow-up though and many of her fans are here for it! Michelle hardly ever gets on social media and when she showed off her new look, even members of her family were excited to see her showing it off.

On Monday, Jana Duggar shared a picture of herself with her mother and her brothers, Jason and James Duggar. It looks like they were heading to the airport to go see Jinger Vuolo and her family in Los Angeles. It was good for the family to be reunited and it looks as if they all had a great time together. It was shocking to see Michelle on social media though and fans had a lot to say about it.

Reddit Users Dive In

Of course, Reddit users had a lot to say about Michelle being with her family right now. She has had a lot going on with the charges against Josh Dugagr and it looks like she has started to pick herself up again. Reddit users, as they do, were quick to start in on her new look though.

They posted pictures of the Instagram post and many Reddit users felt like she was “channeling her inner Jersey Shore goddess.” Another explained, “I think she looks pretty good for her age, but the stuck in the 80’s look is making her look worse.

The Duggars Michelle Duggar Has A New Look

I am her age and was really happy to move past 80’s hair and tan. Not sure why some people hold onto it.” Others commented on how skinny and frail she looks these days and they are worried about her health and stress levels with everything going on in her life.

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  1. Anne Marie Hollan says

    I think she looks great

  2. Tina Arlozynski says

    Michelle …It looks fabulous

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