TLC’s Unexpected Season 5 Gets A Preview – Fans React

TLC’s Unexpected Season 5 Gets A Preview – Fans ReactUnexpected on TLC returns with Season 5 on March 6. fans already saw a trailer and the cast was introduced. Now a new teaser appeared on Instagram, fans reacted to the cast and the scenes that they saw. Fans will see some old members of the cast and three new couples feature in it as well.

Unexpected Season 5 Preview Drops On Instagram

If you don’t know, you will see more of Lilly Bennett and Lawrence Bishop. In the upcoming show, they move in together. Well, expect to see some clashing there as it seems like Lawrence can’t get his head around Lilly complaining about her difficult life as a stay-at-home mom.

Rumors arose early that Tyra Bousseau returns and now it’s confirmed that her sister Tiarra Boisseau and her cousin Taylor Williams are both pregnant. Additionally, fans saw Tyra’s baby daddy Alex in the new preview.

Unexpected star Tiarra brings some drama with her baby daddy, Actually, fans saw in the trailer that for some reason, the cops arrived and it looked like he was taken out of the hospital. Then, Aden and Jenna Ronan return as well. Recall, in the previous season, he started to look unexcited about the responsibilities when it comes to being a dad. Actually, Jenna also runs into problems with her mom and dad.

Unexpected Stars Kalen and Jason Bring Shades Of Max

Recall Max Schenzel’s dad complained that his family felt unwelcome by Chloe Mendoza’s family. Well,  Kylen Smith and her boyfriend, Jason Korpi run into a similar situation, only it is reversed. Her dad, Michael feels that the couple doesn’t make them feel a part of the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Emersyn Potter clashes with her mom, Erica. Erica wants her baby daddy, Mason Ramirez to sleep separately from her but she wants to move out with him.

TLC Unexpected Season 5 Gets A Preview - Fans React
TLC / Instagram

Unexpected fans gave Lawrence some heat in the comments section on February 17. One of them said, “I hope Lawrence realizes now that being a parent is actually one of the hardest jobs in the world. And the house is always going to be a mess. You’re just gonna have to accept that.”

Alex Got Another Girl Pregnant?

Unexpected fans also discussed Alex, as Tyra thinks he got someone else pregnant. One fan commented, “Alex possibly getting another girl pregnant. 👧🏻🤰🏻I’m guessing him & Tyra aren’t together or they are & he cheated on her.”

Meanwhile, some fans just grow tired of seeing Season 3 stars return and they hanker for some of the originals from Season 1. On the whole, it sounds like TLC fans look forward to more young parents learning the hard way that being a parent brings a lot of difficult moments.

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