Why Does 1000-LB Sisters Star Tammy Look Like A Deer In The Headlights?

 Why Does 1000-LB Sisters Star Tammy Look Like A Deer In The Headlights1000-LB Sisters fans grow very impatient with Tammy Slaton. First, they grew impatient because she never seems to appreciate the help she gets from her family. Plus, she seemed to give up on her weight loss journey.

Now, she went back to rehab and fans still feel impatient with her. Actually, she posts a lot of photos where she stares at the camera like a deer caught in the headlights. So, fans begin to get irritated.

1000-LB Sisters – Is Tammy Quiet To Avoid Spoilers?

In the past, Amy Halterman’s sister made some slip-ups with spoilers on social media. Actually, when Season 2 was due to start a lot of fans plagued her with questions about Amy’s baby.

These days, Tammy says very little at all. So, perhaps she was cautioned about being too talkative. After all, she has an NDA to safeguard. Well, she went to rehab and claims to have lost weight. So why isn’t she crowing to the rooftops?

1000-LB Sisters fans know that Tammy can talk as they heard her laughing with friends as she poured alcohol down her throat and vaped. Additionally, she’s not short for words when complaining about life in the show.

Notably, for months now, the TLC star went on TikTok and Instagram and just posted her big staring eyes. Well, some fans get fed up with it. So this week, one of them complained that she looks like a “dear (sic) in the headlights.”

1000-LB Sisters Star A Deer In The Headlights?

It seems a bit of a shame that some TLC fans almost expect that Tammy will do some tricks, like a clever dog. However, it seems to be her own fault. The silent, staring images started some time back. How long will they continue to flood her social media? fans wonder. Well, possibly, as she has a tube in her throat, that might account for her silence.

1000-LB Sisters Star Tammy Look Like A Deer In The Headlights
Tammy Slaton / Instagram

1000-LB Sisters fans heard that Tammy Slaton damaged her lungs when she got covid. Then, she ended up with carbon dioxide poisoning. Well, doctors performed a tracheotomy to help her get enough oxygen. How easy is it to talk and joke about life with that tube in her throat?

Living With A Trach

The 1000-LB Sisters star might simply struggle to talk with a tracheotomy. According to Hopkins Medicine, “when the trach tube is inserted, most of the air bypasses the vocal cords and goes out through the tube.” And, any air that does get to her vocal cords may not be strong enough for a long conversation.

Do you think the trach might be why Tammy Slaton just stares at the camera? Have you experienced a tracheotomy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Kimberly Lovejoy says

    I’ve had one of those and let me tell you they are not funny. When I had one in I couldn’t talk at all and even when I finally was able to get it out , I could barely speak. It took me 2 and half years to get my voice to be audible enough for people to be able to hear me talking loud enough . So please be patient with Tammy !

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  3. Tanya says

    She been through a lot.I know she done it to her self.But give her a chance to get butter. I think she can do it. Get back on your feet and bet this you can do it Tammy.

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