90 Day Fiancé Kim Menzies Reveals Usman Umar’s Popularity In Nigeria

90 Day Fiancé Kim Menzies Reveals Usman Umar’s Popularity In Nigeria90 Day Fiancé spoilers, news, and updates tease that Kim Menzies solved everyone’s curiosity when she revealed how popular Usman “Sojaboy” Umar is in Nigeria.

Fans have been questioning Usman Umar’s fame since the day he stepped foot on the TLC show. Though they were convinced that the Nigerian rapper has solid fans, which was the reason for his split with his ex-wife, Lisa “Baby Girl” Hamme, and his ex-girlfriend, Zara, as they can’t handle them following and commenting on the artist’s social media updates.

However, before his appearance on Season 5 of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days,” Usman admitted that he used the TLC show to gain popularity while his ex-wife, Lisa, claimed that he was “so desperate” to let his music grow and be known internationally. Last June 2020, the Nigerian artist explained that he didn’t entirely use the show for fame as he won’t marry just a random woman to bring him to the spotlight.

Is Usman Umar Famous in His Home Country?

Kim Menzies was aware that people found it funny every time she says that Usman Umar is an “international superstar,” but according to her, the Nigerian rapper was known internationally and got a big name in his home country. However, Kim admitted that Usman was known in other countries because of the TLC show and he used the platform to spread his music to the world.

“I think he’s a celebrity,” she said. Whatever Usman’s career status has, what matters to Kim is to have him as her boyfriend, which she successfully did after all the trials they had while they were together in Tanzania.

90 Day Fiancé Kim Menzies Reveals Usman Umar’s Popularity In Nigeria

‘90 Day Fiancé’: Usman Umar Refuses to Show PDA with Kim Menzies

When Kim Menzies was set to go back to San Diego, tension arose when a producer asked them if they will give each other a goodbye kiss on the lips, which Kim said there will be and Usman refused the idea. “Kissing in the airport is just like a public announcement,” the Nigerian native said.

Displeased with the idea, Kim demanded to go to the airport as she admitted her real feelings regarding the situation. “This has been the experience of a lifetime and I’m leaving as Usman’s girlfriend. I should be going home happy, but the fact that he won’t kiss me in public hurts me a little bit. It’s like, are you ashamed of me?”

As they started their long-distance relationship, Kim admitted that she doesn’t feel secure with Usman, but she chose to trust her boyfriend and think that “Usman is worth the risk.”

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