Did 1000-LB Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Really Lose Weight In Rehab?

Did 1000-LB Sisters Star Tammy Slaton Really Lose Weight In Rehab?1000-Lb Sisters spoilers and updates revealed that Tammy Slaton finally told her doctor that she felt ready to return to rehab. Recall, the first time, she left early and went on a binge of drinking and smoking. That came when she broke up with her boyfriend. Well, since she went back to rehab, she claims she lost over 100lbs. However, skeptical fans wonder if that is actually true.

1000-Lb Sisters StarTammy Slaton Claims Huge Weight Loss

Amy Halterman’s sister very nearly died when she just quit breathing. TLC fans who grew angry with her for making no effort seemed a bit shocked. After all, it’s one thing to talk about her dying, and another to thing actually see that she came close to it. Unfortunately, despite her treatment in rehab, some folks think her trach will seriously reduce her quality of life.

1000-Lb Sisters fans heard that the new rehab treatment was paid for by Tammy. So, they hope that this time, she takes it all more seriously. Spoilers revealed that the TLC star lost her home. So, Amy will probably look after her again. Well, it sounds like positive things go down for Tammy who says she lost about 150lbs. However, fans wonder if that is really true

1000-Lb Sisters See Tammy Looks Large On Cameo

Tammy Slaton spends a lot of time on TikTok. These days, on her Instagram, she tends to just post photos of herself staring at the camera on Instagram. It seems that she uses a lot of filters and tries to create a mysterious aura. So, that makes it very hard for fans to tell if she looks thinner because she uses filters.

Did 1000-LB Sisters Star Tammy Slaton really Lose Weight In Rehab

1000-Lb Sisters fans on TikTok discussed whether she actually lost any weight. Some people think that she might have. After all, she looks a little bit thinner in the region around her neck. The two photos above show her now and on the show.

Skeptics Doubt The Weight Loss Claims

Many 1000-Lb Sisters think there seems to be very little difference between old Tammy and the new. However, as one fan pointed out, she grew so large, that even 100lbs lost might be difficult to notice.

Tammy Slaton weighed in at about 670lbs. Then, in Season 3 she put on more weight instead of losing it. So, it might be difficult for folks to tell if she shed 100lbs. Hopefully, she is really losing and continues to do so.

Looking at the photos above, what are your thoughts about her claim to have lost over 100lbs? Sound off in the comments below,

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