I Am Jazz Spoilers: Sander Jennings and Career Struggles

 I Am Jazz Spoilers: Sander Jennings and Career StrugglesI Am Jazz spoilers reveal that Sander Jennings has started to really find his way these days. He has been struggling with his career and now it seems as if things are really falling into place for him. He is Jazz Jennings’ older brother and it seems that he may struggle with her being in the spotlight so much. Sander wanted to share with his fans that he was skiing and so he shared a lot of photos this past week on Instagram.

Finding His Way

These photos came just a few days after he told his fans that he was “slowly finding my way” through life. He has been uncertain about the career path that he wants to take and his fans encouraged him to just keep pushing forward. It seems that is what he is doing!

Sander has had a lot of insecurities when it comes to his work. He has been working in the social media and digital marketing fields and he mentioned that he didn’t think his family was being very supportive of his chosen career path. He even mentioned on an episode of the show, “Jazz makes me feel unappreciated. I’m putting in my time and effort and I feel like it’s just going unnoticed.”

His Career Path

On the show, Sander has been very open about his career choice, but he does feel like others in his family do not respect what he does for work. He has hinted that his twin brother, Greg Jennings and is father, Greg Jennings, seem to be disappointed in his job and they don’t show hm the respect he deserves. This hasn’t helped his confidence in himself and he has mentioned that he feels that his family think his job is a joke.

 I Am Jazz Spoilers: Sander Jennings and Career Struggles

It does seems as if things have started to change for Sander and his family does see his job as something that he loves to do. Jazz has also told her fans publicly that she is very proud of her brother and his work.

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