MAMA June Shannon Posts New Cryptic Video After Younger Boyfriend Justin Was Arrested

MAMA June Shannon Posts New Cryptic Video After Younger Boyfriend Justin Was ArresteThe “Mama June: From Not To Hot” star June Shannon has posted a cryptic video talking about “narcissists” just days after her younger boyfriend Justin Stroud was arrested.

Mama June shared the duet video in TikTok on Friday night in which she attentively watched another video about “narcissists” and nodded along the lines: “Narcissists have secret lives. They lie effortlessly. They are two faced. Appearing with a perfect public image that most people believe.”

“But in the shadows when no one is looking, they do tremendous damage to their family members. Especially their children,” it added.

Since the matriarch posted it without a caption, fans are wondering whether it is connected to the recent arrest of his younger beau Justin after the couple dated each other publicly last month. The Sun previously reported that Justin was a “wanted man” and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest back in Alabama issued last October which resurfaced online after their PDA stroll in southern California.

According to The Sun, the couple was at an upscale cocktail party in Boca Raton, Florida when the authorities finally caught up with Justin after months of violating his probation on drug and burglary charges. The 42-year-old matriarch witnessed how the authorities nabbed her 34-year-old beau at a gas station across the road when police pulled up behind them.

An eyewitness revealed that four cop cars came into the venue and started speaking with the valets. “Next thing you know, police pull into the gas station and they all swarmed in and arrested him. We saw him get taken away.”

MAMA June Shannon Posts New Cryptic Video After Younger Boyfriend Justin Was Arreste

‘Mama June: From Not To Hot’ – History Repeats Itself?

If it’s true that Mama June is referring to Justin on her cryptic TikTok video, this would be the second time she’s been in a toxic relationship given her history with ex-partner Geno Doak who also was booked on drug charges.

During an Instagram Live earlier this year, Mama June disclosed that Doak cheated on her ahead of their arrest in 2019. The reality star described her experience as “pure hell” with Doak cheating with other people that were in the casinos in Alabama.

She spiraled down from there as she also got hooked up with drugs and was spending over $250,000 at these casinos just in four months which resulted in her home losing power and water supply. “But do you think I cared about that? No,” she said.

Mama June shrugged off similar concerns when she publicly revealed who her new boo was despite Justin’s legal issues last year after her break-up with Doak. In December 2021, Mama June posted about being in a relationship “with someone you truly love” on Facebook.

“If they truly make you happy and they are who you want to be with for the rest of your life just make sure they know you are appreciative, grateful and thankful to have them and lucky to have them tell them you love them even you are mad,” she wrote in the caption.

However, after getting through “hell” again, the “Mama June: From Not To Hot” star got real and asked her fans on Facebook to pray for her after a “rough two weeks”

“But pray today it will all be better in the world. I know god has us and that he will see us through anything, even though it may seem like things are rough at times,” the mother-of-four wrote.

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