Married At First Sight Alum Jamie Otis Reveals Plans For The Future

Married At First Sight Alum Jamie Otis Reveals Plans For The FutureMarried At First Sight (MAFS) star Jamie Otis got done the dirty with LIfetime when they simply ghosted her from Unfiltered. Well, she seemed shocked and very disappointed that her place was given to someone else and she wasn’t even told about it.

After the news arrived, she went off social media for a while. However, now that she returned, she opened up about what she’s been up to and talked about her future plans.

Married At First Sight – Was Jamie Otis Out Of Her Depth?

While many Lifetime fans felt really sorry for Jamie when Lifetime seemed to ax her out of the blue, others felt she didn’t really ask the hard questions on the show. The show needs the hard and it’s important that the hosts and experts ask the right questions. When Keisha Knight-Pulliam joined the Afterparty, it became evident that she seemed to have the gift for good questions.

Married At First Sight fans heard that Jamie and her husband Doug Hehner went through some rough times. Matched on the first season of MAFS, they put their home up for sale and invested in an RV. Many people believed that by traveling around the country with their kids, they hoped to last-ditch save their marriage. Well, now she gave some feedback on their hunt for a new permanent home.

Married At First Sight – Updates From Jamie

Taking to her Instagram on March 16, Jamie shared some nice photos of the family as they traveled all over the place. In her caption, she said, “We have SO MANY LIFE UPDATES I gotta fill ya in on.” Well, she revealed that they are still looking for a home to call their own again. However, that still didn’t happen. Nevertheless, they did find “the perfect lot!” So, they are in discussion with some builders.

Married At First Sight Alum Jamie Otis Reveals Plans For The Future
Jamie Otis / Instagram

What else did the Married At First Sight alum say? Well, quite a lot came out about their various vacation trips. Of note, she said that they renovated their RV and plan another long trip across the USA in it. She explained, “It looks like a modern farmhouse on wheels!” Additionally. they plan to stop off at “over 30 places and [travel] nearly 8,000 miles!”  In fact, she also hopes the romantic trip means she might fall pregnant again.

Trip To Grenada

The Married At First Sight alum told her followers that for a bit, they plan on ditching the RV and opting for a flight. In the coming week, they jet off to “Grenada” for their celebration that marks their eighth year of marriage.

Additionally, it might interest you to know that Jamie Otis will hold some meet and greets when they travel around in their RV. So, she told fans to check back with her for dates when she will be available in different locations.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Lifetime show right now. Come back here often for more Married At First Sight spoilers, news, and updates.

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