My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 Rumors Swirl: Whitney Way Thore Responds!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 Rumors Swirl: Whitney Way Thore Responds!My Big Fat Fabulous Life has taken fans through nine seasons with its star, Whitney Way Thore. After rising to YouTube fame with her viral video, “Fat Girl Dancing,” Whitney scored a reality TV show. And My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers enjoyed Thore’s humor, dance skills, and delightful circle of friends. But Thore did face challenges in the romance department.

Last season, though, Whitney seemed to believe she finally found a lasting love in a man known as the French boyfriend. As a result of her insistence on keeping the man anonymous, though, some fans worried that Thore would end her run on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. But other viewers believe so much in a future season that they even have sparked rumors, revealed below.

Whitney Way Thore Drops Clues To My Big Fat Fabulous Life Future

When season nine of my Big Fat Fabulous Life began, Whitney Way Thore seemed to feel more positive about her future. And the addition of a new boyfriend definitely helped lift the reality TV star’s spirits. Even a pandemic couldn’t stop Whitney’s quest for love with her French boyfriend. 

But the season nine finale left many fans wondering what might happen. As a result of Thore insisting on keeping her boyfriend anonymous, some feared that My Big Fat Fabulous Life had ended. But the reality TV star hinted to People that she can protect her boyfriend’s identity while still continuing with the show.

Recently, Whitney even talked about her French boyfriend in an Instagram Stories exchange with fans. Asked if she still dates him, Thore responded, “Correct!” But then came questions about My Big Fat Fabulous Life ending. And Whitney reassured her fans “incorrect” in her response to those cancellation rumors!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans Theorize About Season 10

Whitney Way Thore may have assumed that she ended all rumors with her Instagram Stories. But My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans on Reddit sparked their own gossip in a discussion predicting what season 10 might hold. For instance, one fan predicted that season 10 will reveal Whitney experiencing health problems due to her weight.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 Rumors Swirl: Whitney Way Thore Responds!

“Her health has gotten to a point where it’s obviously clear she’s not healthy,” claimed the My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewer. “I think (hope?) this new season she’ll actually get some real medical care – including mental health intervention. She honestly needs someone like Dr. Now to tell her to cut the sh*t or she’s going to die.”

But others argued that Whitney will never change. As a result, one fan contended, “I think the next season will be nothing new. More ridiculous challenges that put her, and everyone with her, in danger. More ridiculous French romance bullsh*t.”

But My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans did agree on one topic. As one wrote, “I will watch the sh*t out of the new season because I’m addicted at this point!” Tell us what you predict for season 10 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. And after you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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