Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Meri As Guilty Of Ruining The Family As Kody?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Meri As Guilty Of Ruining The Family As KodySister Wives Spoilers suggest that fans believe that Meri Brown shares part of the guilt in the downfall of their polygamist family. Why is Meri just as responsible as Kody Brown?

Sister Wives – It Takes Two, Maybe Three

Sister Wives Kody Brown has been saddled with most of the blame for the downfall of his polygamist marriages during Season 16 of Sister Wives. However, some fans believe that Meri should share the blame as well. With Meri being one of the wives that Kody has cut off intimacy with, how is she to blame? Some fans say that Meri has been playing the victim the past few years after her catfishing incident that Kody says led to the end of their intimate relationship.

However, according to Meri, she claims she and Kody haven’t been intimate for about ten years. Meri was instrumental in forming this polygamous marriage and even helped Kody pick out a wife or two. Meri also admits to having jealousy issues after they began adding wives. How is this Meri’s fault too?

Sister Wives – Kody Brown Has No Defense

Sister Wives Kody has been distancing himself from his first three wives ever since Robyn Brown joined the family. However, things got worse when Meri offered to divorce Kody so he could adopt Robyn’s three older children. Kody has literally cut himself off from his first three wives during the pandemic and spent most of it with Robyn and her kids, two of which are biologically Kody’s.

Both Christine Brown and Janelle Brown have had to defend themselves and their children more than once. However, Janelle and Christine have been forced to do much more on their own and become more independent too. Christine finally threw her hands up and left Kody announcing their separation in November 2021.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Meri As Guilty Of Ruining The Family As Kody

Sister Wives – The Beginning Of The End

Sister Wives Meri had never had a close relationship with Christine or Janelle. However, when Meri and Kody met Robyn, they talked to her for a while before telling the other sister wives. It certainly didn’t help that Christine was pregnant at the time either. However, Kody has continually moved closer and closer to Robyn shutting out the other wives almost from all aspects of his life.

Meri may have chosen Robyn because she thought their relationship would be better than the one she had with Janelle and Christine. However, Meri has simply helped Kody to be pulled away from all the wives including herself. Did Meri do the whole family a disservice?

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