Thin Skin: Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Shuts Down Critics

Thin Skin: Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Shuts Down CriticSister Wives fans rejoiced for Christine Brown when she landed her own show, Cooking With Just Christine. However, Meri shaded her. So, fans who love Christine, as she had the courage to leave Kody, felt offended. Now that Meri closed her comments off on her Friday With friends podcast, fans think she’s way too thin-skinned.

Sister Wives – Meri Brown Shades Christine

If you don’t know, Meri Brown runs her Friday With Friends podcast live on most Friday nights on Instagram. Usually, she appears with her friend, Jenn Sullivan and the comments are always open. Sometimes, she hosts other people, and to everyone’s surprise, she and Robyn Brown appeared there, leaking that TLC started filming for Season 17.

Sister Wives fans rejoiced when Christine landed her own spinoff. Since the premiere on Instagram, Facebook, and the TLC website, fans raved about it. Cooking With Just Christine reveals some easy-to-make recipes, and brings some of her kids to the screen. Fans like that she’s competent, light-hearted, and prepares meals that most people can afford.

However, Meri shaded the show, giggling away as she said, “We know you want the cooking show with Just Jen.” Actually, fans slammed her because of all the wives, she should be the one who knows how it feels to get cut off from Kody’s sexual favors.

Sister Wives – Mari Seems Thin-Skinned – Locks Comments

In her latest podcast, Meri Brown locked the comments section. Actually, that is extremely unusual with Live shows as fans interact and chip in questions and thoughts. In fact, that’s a huge crowd-puller. After all, just watching and not being able to comment seems like a bit of a fail. Well, Without A Crystal Ball noticed the locked comments and popped a screenshot up on Instagram.

Thin Skin Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Shuts Down Critics
Meri Brown via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Calling out the Sister Wives star, Katie Joy said, “After repeatedly dragging Christine for weeks, Meri Brown turned off her comments.” Well, fans who follow Katie are mostly aware of Meri shading Christine and one of them thinks she’s way too thin-skinned. They commented, “Miss Thin Skin. She can dish it out, but sure can’t take it!”

More Followers Slam Meri

Sister Wives fans who are sick and tired of Meri with her constant victim stance had enough. One of them wrote, “She’s a petty, jealous, fake, mean spirited woman. Always the victim.” 

Another fan said, “Turning off comments doesn’t change people ‘s opinion of you @therealmeribrown.”

Well, in reply, an astute follower noted, “they all do that when they can’t defend themselves! They just want to spew hate, but not answer to anyone!”

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