Anna Duggar Looks Happy Again, Moving On From Josh?

Anna Duggar Looks Happy Again, Moving On From Josh?The Duggars spoilers reveal that Anna Duggar looks really happy these days. Her fans really are pulling for her ever since her husband, Josh Duggar was arrested for possession of child pornography. She has been left to tackle having seven children on her own. Keep in mind, she doesn’t have a steady job either. What is keeping her happy these days? From the looks of it, hanging out with her family and friends is what has made her smile.

The Vow Renewal

Anna was seen at her friends’ vow renewal ceremony with her family. She was seen with her sisters-in-law Joy Forsyth, Abbie Duggar, and her mother-in-law Michelle Duggar. She looked extremely happy to be with them and in all of the photos, she is smiling! Her fans were really happy to see her out and about once again because they know that this is a really tough time for her right now.

The pictures that were posted, were on her friend’s Instagram account and not Anna’s. Her friend got a comment though that was pretty rude. The follower wrote, “Can you believe that Anna just goes to these events casually with her and everyone knowing that her husband is currently in jail for being a pedophile? I’m honestly surprised she still gets invited to things.”

Anna Duggar Looks Happy Again, Moving On From Josh?

Anna’s Burdens

We all know that Josh is going to be in prison for quite some time and it is a burden to Anna and her children. Her children are probably going to grow up without him and with the public knowing that he is in jail for possessing child pornography. This is quite the burden for all of them to carry and it won’t be easy for them.

Just because Josh is in prison, does it mean that Anna should just stay inside of her home and not go out? Is it truly her fault that her husband is a pedophile? No matter what, our hearts go out to her and her children through all of this.

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  1. Carol Dahnke says

    She has a right to happiness so do thise kids he is a pice of shit. I hope that she can gind some sort of happiness.

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