Little People, Big World Season 23 Spoilers: Why Did Zach & Tori Relocate?

Little People, Big World Season 23 Spoilers: Why Did Zach & Tori RelocateLittle People, Big World (LPBW) Season 23 has been announced by TLC and a premiere date and synopsis came along. Well, if you wonder by Tori and Zach Roloff really relocated to Washington, it seems that you will find out. Actually, it looks like they feature quite a lot in the new season.

Little People, Big World – Who Returns For Season 23?

After Amy Roloff and Chris Marek married, TLC fans speculated that they might leave LPBW. Actually, many people hoped that they might get their own spinoff. Well, for now, it looks like any spinoff might only come in the future as they return for the new season. Meanwhile, Matt and Caryn come along as usual. Actually, they played a part in the decision by Tori and Zach to move to Washington.

Little People, Big World fans saw in October last year, that Tori announced their move away from the farm in Oregon. It came as a complete surprise to TLC fans. As the couple also have their cute kids, Jackson and Lilah, fans feared they might not return for a new seaosn. Well, they will come back, but they sit front and center of the drama this time.

Little People, Big World Spoilers Reveal Why Zach & Tori Moved

According to the synopsis on The Futon Critic, fans will see a big blowout between Zack, Tori, Matt, and Caryn. Recall, Amy suggested they just left because they were stuck in a rut. Well, fans didn’t buy it and with good reason, it turns out. In fact, things got heated during discussions about the farm and so they upped and left. Fans will also see that Tori and Zach expect their third child.

Little People, Big World Season 23 Spoilers Why Did Zach & Tori Relocate
Tori Roloff / Instagram

Other Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Matt and Chris continue their bromance. Recall, in the last season, they got along very well. Well, this time, Caryn and Amy seem to lay down their gauntlets and become friends as well. In fact, the four characters all go away and visit Arizona together.

The Future Of The Farm

The future of the farm has been visited in previous seasons Little People, Big World. Well, it all comes back again, and probably was the bottom line for Tori and Zach’s decision to leave. Matt makes another decision, and whatever that is, it “could change the farm – and the family – forever.”

The show premieres on TLC on Tuesday, May 17 at 9 PM ET/PT and runs for 10 episodes.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming season? Were you hoping that things might finally settle down? It looks like it did with Amy and Matt, but the new drama about Tori and Zach sounds quite serious. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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