Love After Lockup Spoilers: Indie Treadwell and Harry Valez: Is He Cheating?

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that Indie Treadwell has started to wonder if she can actually trust Harry Valez. She is calling him out this week on the show for texting another woman.

Indie has really wanted to make a life with Harry, but there seems to be a lot of trust issues that are plaguing their relationship. They have a lot of love for each other, but when Indie sees that he has texts from a woman named Terri, she will confront him about it and question his loyalty to her.

Is Indie Right About the Cheating?

Indie and Harry have always talked about how they are “spiritually married” and Indie has always been dedicated to him.

She waited a year for him to get out of prison and long-distance dating was tough for the two of them. She even packed up everything and moved to Ohio with her daughter so that they could all be together. Indie knows that Harry has cheated, but she continues to support him no matter what.

On the new episode of the show, Indie confronts him about cheating again. He cheated on her when he was at a halfway house and told her that he was done. Is he back to his old ways? We think so, unfortunately.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Indie Treadwell and Harry Valez: Is He Cheating


Indie’s Confrontation

With the cheating heavy on Indie’s mind, she knows that she does have to confront Harry or things will continue in this way. She needs to get answers. She talked about the many “hiccups” that they have in their relationship and when the couple was leaving the gym, that is when Indie saw the text from Terri. It said, “Why your whole mood change?” That’s when Indie told him that she saw the text.

Of course, Harry plays dumb and then tells her that she shouldn’t be concerned about Terri, but it does seem like there is something going on here. We will have to see what happens next!

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