Married at First Sight Alum Zack Freeman Gets Thirsty Fans Drooling

MAFS Alum Zack Freeman Gets Thirsty Fans DroolingMarried at First Sight fans met Zach Freeman in Season 13 and he married Michaela Clark. Well, he certainly wasn’t Mr. Popular with Lifetime fans at the time. Mind you, Micheala didn’t slip through with no criticism, Clearly mismatched, fans saw a lot of tumultuous events in their lives together. However, fans agree that these days, he looks like a scrumptious piece of eye candy.

MAFS Non-Committal Lifetime Star Zack Freeman

Lifetime fans shouldn’t get Zack confused with Zach Justice, the Fitness Professional in season 10. Recall he and Mindy clashed as he didn’t seem interested in being any more than a friend. Finally, they broke up and parted ways. Both men managed to rack up criticism from fans, and for Zach, it came hot and fast when he seemed more interested in Mindy’s friend than his wife.

MAFS fans are quick to slam stars like Zack freeman, but really, the show’s experts pre-match the couples. So, is it the fault of the stars when things don’t work out? Actually, a lot of people feel that the show deliberately mismatches people to bring in loads of drama. Well, Zack managed to rack up haters all by himself when he was rumored to cheat on his other girlfriend, Bao after the season ended.

Thirsty MAFS Fans Drool Over Zack

Taking to his Instagram late last week, Zack shared photos of himself taken at the pool. He wore orange swimming shorts, a pair of shades, and some hefty muscles. In his caption, he said, “Summer bod.” Well, clearly he didn’t turn into a couch potato and become moldy during the winter as fans agree he looks yummy.

MAFS Alum Zack Freeman Gets Thirsty Fans Drooling
Zack Freeman / Instagram

MAFS fans posted up plenty of fire emojis and nearly 10k of them loved the photos. One of them asked, “Can I get a close inspection? 🥵” Meanwhile another fan just posted up a row of little goat icons. This comment also arrived: “Ohh yes baby🔥🔥.”

Thirst Trap Comments

Married at First Sight fans talked about Zack posting up a thirst trap. One of them said, “Thirst trapping the girls 😂.” Well, plenty of comments looked like this: “🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.” And this, “🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🔥.”

Then another very thirsty fan picked up the topic, saying, “[Thirst] trapping in these streets 😂😂😂😂 Bruh!!!.”

Actually, he certainly seems to have the looks and the body. Unfortunately, Michaela Clark lost her man, but there are plenty of folks lining up ready to take her place.

Clearly, fans enjoyed the photos of Zack looking short at the poolside. Some of them literally said that they drooled like this comment: “I mean…. drooooool. 😍🔥🙌.”

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