Married At First Sight Spoilers: Are MAFS Fans Really Happy To See Alyssa Leave S14?

Alyssa Ellman

Married At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Alyssa Ellman really made her mark on the 14th season of MAFS. Alyssa came into the franchise knowing what she wanted, how she wanted her man to look, and even included a specific tattoo. When Alyssa walked down the aisle and looked up at Chris Collette, she almost backed out.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – The Villain

It didn’t take long for Alyssa to assume the role of MAFS Villain. On the night of her wedding, she refused to share a room with Chris Collette, who she was matched with. Furthermore, at their reception, she wouldn’t dance with him and there is a whole album full of awkward photos that tell a story.

Chris did absolutely nothing wrong, if anything, he was very patient despite Alyssa’s obnoxious antics. Behind her back, Chris kept saying how beautiful she was and how kind she looked.

On the way to their honeymoon, Alyssa refused to sit beside Chris on the plane and when they landed in beautiful sunny Puerto Rico, she again refused to share a room with him.

Alyssa’s antics and drama were well documented on camera. She kept berating Chris who did nothing whatsoever to cause her reactions. Alyssa basically became annoyed with just the sight of him. Her emotions got the better of her and she said many things on camera that made her look like a villain. Alyssa was never concerned about how her toxic behavior affected the other couples or Chris, she was just focused on wanting to be portrayed as a good person.

In the end, when the couple returned from the honeymoon, Chris had had enough and told Pastor Cal that he wanted a divorce.

Married At First Sight Updates – Do Fans Miss Alyssa?

It’s not that really that they miss her, it is just that this season’s lackluster bore-fest makes fans yearn for something entertaining, and Alyssa was entertaining. She was totally in the wrong, ranted and raved about nothing, and hilariously kept saying that she wanted to be portrayed as a good person.

Fans are now left with a boring season that is just dragging out repetitive sequences of Noi’s eye-rolling and smirks, Linday’s craziness, Olajuwon’s breaking down Katina to where she barely makes a sound, and Michael tolerating Jasmina’s relentless bossiness. Sad to say that Alyssa may have. Been the only captivating thing about season 14.

What do you think about season 14? Do you miss its villain?

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