Married At First Sight: Why MAFS Fans Don’t Think Lindsey Had Food Poisoning

Lindsey Georgorulis

Married At First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Lindsey Georgoulis was matched with Mark “The Shark” Maher on the 14th season of MAFS and red flags were there when Lindsey got out of the limo on her wedding day.

After self admittedly downing two bottles of champagne, Lindsey was already tipsy walking down the aisle. After reaching into her dress to get her vows, she almost gave everyone a free show when her top almost fell down. Then, she let out a loud belch and headed down the aisle. Lindsey’s relationship with Mark has not been easy and in most of their arguments, Lindsey is drinking or already very tipsy.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Couples Retreat

Getting closer to Decision Day, the couples have a final retreat to spend some quality time together away from the day-to-day in the apartment. During some couple’s games, Lindsey gets put off when the question is who is most likely to start an argument, and everyone answers Lindsey. She is drinking during the game, and afterward, she gets into an argument with Mark and she is obviously tipsy.

Married At First Sight Updates – Urgent Care Visit

On the last day of the couples retreat, Lindsey wakes up and tells Mark that she is so sick to her stomach that she can’t keep down water. Instead of owning up to being hungover, she says she has food poisoning. Mark, as dutiful as ever, takes her to urgent care where they hook her up to an IV with fluids. MAFS fans had a lot to say about Lindsey’s “food poisoning.” They share their thoughts on Reddit, “It was so obvious that it was a massive hangover and she did not want to face a day of filming 🎥 without a get out of jail free card. The worst part was that Mark had to play along with it. There’s no way he didn’t know exactly what was going on,” and “It kind of made me laugh that she woke up all happy at the urgent care and was like, I think I’m just dehydrated now…” and “She created even more drama to deflect from the ongoing drama. A drunk of her experience should know how to handle the consequences of sloppy drunkenness,” and “Food poisoning my foot! Likely she was suffering from alcohol poisoning. She was drinking all day and mixed drinks too. It’s awful and easily warrants medical care.”

What do you think? Do you think Lindsey had food poisoning or another hangover?

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