My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: What Happened to Zsalynn Whitworth?

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: What Happened to Zsalynn Whitworth?My 600-Lb Life spoilers reveal that fans of the show are very interested to know what happened to Zsalynn Whitworth. Whitworth wanted to lose weight, just like the other cast members on the show. When she first met with Dr. Now, he gave her some ideas on how to lose weight and the right foods to eat and diet to follow.

Not only this, he asked her about the support that she has with her weight loss journey. Generally, when Dr. Now asks about support, the cast member has a lot of family on their side to help them through this process. This didn’t seem to be the process for Whitworth though.

Whitworth’s Lack Of Support

Most cast members have a lot of support, but when Dr. Now realized that Whitworth did not, this put a damper on things. Her support system was one that failed to support her. Most fans of the show noticed just how unsupportive Zsalynn’s husband was with her losing weight. When she began the show, she weighed 597 pounds and when she first came onto the show, she even mentioned that her husband may be the problem in her weight loss journey.

Her husband was actually a fan of women who are obese. This is why he didn’t support his wife and he wanted her to gain even more weight. He actually said to her, “If you want to eat grass, you can go in the garden and graze.”

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: What Happened to Zsalynn Whitworth?

Whitworth Did Lose Weight

No matter what her husband said to her, she did end up losing some weight. She lost enough to qualify for gastric bypass surgery! As soon as she was out of surgery, her husband drove them to get fast food! She did not eat there though. He continued to push her to gain weight and she ended up losing 248 pounds no matter what he said to her.

Whitworth has made some great changes in her life. She got below 300 pounds and then had extra skin removed. She actually divorced her husband, which is the best news we’ve heard and she has changed everything in her life. It looks like she still lives in Texas and she found a great man who is very much in love with her!

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