Sister Wives: How Fans Think Kody Brown’s Plural Marriage is Cult-like

Sister Wives: Could Kody Brown Already be Courting 2 New WivesKody Brown is mercilessly criticized by Sister Wives fans for how he runs his family and now, his plural marriage is now being compared to a cult.

According to Screen Rant, Sister Wives followers have always been rather critical of how Kody runs his polygamist household. Some of the fans are now revealing that they believe the Brown patriarch runs his home like a cult. Continue reading and we’ll explain.

Sister Wives: Kody is a staunch Supporter of Polygamy

While trying to hold his plural marriage together has been taxing enough for Kody, some of the Sister Wives fans have noted that some of his traditions resemble the staunch rules of other cults. Kody and his remaining three wives are accustomed to people criticizing their chosen way of life as the polygamy lifestyle is as far from the mainstream as you can get.

But, from the start, Kody’s passion for the polygamist life has never faltered. The reality TV star has even fought legislation that sought to make polygamy illegal. Fans, however, are mostly concerned with how the Sister Wives patriarch is running his very large family.

Sister Wives: Fans Explain Why It Seems Like a Cult

Many Sister Wives fans have remarked, along the way, about how Kody can’t seem to handle four wives and 18 children. Though it’s clear that the job has put its share of strain on the plural marriage, fans believe that the largest problem with the whole situation is that Kody seems to be running his family like a cult.

Sister Wives: Could Kody Brown Already be Courting 2 New Wives

One Redditor asked, “Does anyone get cult vibes about this family…?” Some fans think that Kody’s marriage is run like a cult because the girls are being raised to reject their womanhood. One fan noted that Mykelti was shamed for her body growing up, writing, “[Mykelti] was 14-16 and was being [sexualized] by her one of her 4 ‘mothers.”

Sister Wives: Kody Runs Family with an Iron Fist

Another fan chimed in, writing, “Kody’s stellar conversation to Mykelti about… ‘hormones’.” Other fans pointed to how Kody runs his family like a cult by trying to maintain complete and total control over his wives and their children. “I do think that Kody would love to run his family like a cult and be the supreme leader,” a fan wrote.

Sister Wives fans may recall that, in season 16 when COVID first arrived on our shores, Kody ran protocols with a proverbial iron fist with Janelle, Christine, and their children being shunned by the rest of the family. Be sure and keep up with your favorite Sister Wives cast member and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates

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  2. Debbie says

    The problems in this family all start with Kody. Kody does what he wants and any issues that arise between him and his wives, are dumped on the closest wife. Kody never accepts any blame. During the pandemic Kody stayed with Robin and allowed the other wives to believe it was because Robin was afraid. He not once tried to work out a plan for this family. It was easier to insinuate Robin was afraid. That makes me sad for Robin. Kody has put a wedge between all the wives. It’s easier for Kody to let his wives go, and just find new wives (which it looks like he is doing). He needs to “man up” and not make Robin his scapegoat! The 4 wives need to come together, talk it out and agree to meet Kody on their ground and make him accept responsibility for his actions. From who he visits when and who gets what property. If he refuses, they all need to have divorces in hand and give them to him right then. Get child support, alimony, etc and any other financial issues covered. Then let’s see how fast he can move! Instead of blaming Robin for all marriages and families dissolving and Mary to be such a bad person for being pulled into a catfish scheme, maybe he should start working on his marriages. The ones he’s already got instead of looking for replacements. Maybe his wives should turn the tables and start looking for HIS replacement!

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