Sister Wives: Robyn FORCES Kody Brown To Divorce Christine Officially In Church?!

Sister Wives: Robyn FORCES Kody Brown To Divorce Christine Officially In Church?Sister Wives spoilers hint that Kody Brown’s wife Robyn Brown may possess the power to control her polygamist husband. But could Robyn actually force Kody to turn to the church for an official divorce? As a result of Christine Brown splitting, Sister Wives news indicates that Robyn just might reveal her control over the entire clan! 

Find out about the rumors that Robyn could get Kody and Christine to divorce officially through the church. And learn more about how the Brown family’s religion plays a key role in the plural marriage household. Get the latest Sister Wives news below. 

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Talks ‘Spiritual Divorce’

After so many seasons, Sister Wives fans might have assumed they could predict what each cast member would do. But as they learned, Christine Brown kept a secret no one discovered until she felt ready to reveal it! And that secret turned out to involve splitting from Kody Brown and her fellow Sister Wives stars. 

However, one complicated aspect of Christine’s exit involved whether her split would require legal documents. But Us magazine reported that Kody and Christine agreed on a “spiritual divorce” rather than an official one. And though it remained informal, Christine claimed that the two felt “completely separate.” 

But though his 49-year-old ex wife offered that perspective, Kody gave a different view. And the 53-year-old polygamy patriarch avoided any references to divorce. However, he did state, “We are no longer married.” 

Robyn Brown Wants Christine Divorce To Go Through Church?!

As a result of that spiritual divorce, some viewers thought that the next Sister Wives season would move on without Christine. But Robyn Brown may succeed in her goal of extending Christine’s split. And that extension involves getting Kody Brown to stage an official divorce through the church.

Sister Wives: Robyn FORCES Kody Brown To Divorce Christine Officially In Church?

But before fans assume that Robyn is playing the role of a mean girl in wanting Christine to have to go through that divorce, a religious component is involved. Because the Brown family belongs to the Apostolic United Brethren, they all believe in the concept of celestial marriages. And that means a belief that Kody will earn his own planet when he dies. 

As long as every wife remains linked to Kody, she will reside on that planet upon her death. And that idea apparently upsets Robyn because it might involve Christine! As a result, rumors have soared that Robyn wants to persuade Kody and Christine to officially divorce through the family’s church. That would mean Robyn, Kody, and his remaining wives Meri Brown and Janelle Brown would all live together in the afterlife without Christine. 

Tell us what you think. Do you believe in the reports that Robyn Brown might push Kody Brown to officially divorce Christine through the church? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

  1. Lisa says

    God will work it out. It is beyond us. You can not separate a man or a woman from their children. So let God’s love figure it out now and in the future. If you do not wish to see someone in heaven you have some prayers to make. God will answer…eventually.

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  3. Patti lytle says

    I confess I don’t know much about polygamy but this is too bizarre. Kody will get his own planet? His wives will join him on this planet? Sorry, I’m sure there is nothing in the Bible about living on other planets. I can’t think of a single verse that someone could completely misconstrue to mean living on another planet. This is man’s madness for control. I can’t believe people watch this garbage. Kody is an idiot.

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