Sister Wives Star Gwendlyn Reveals Truely’s Mischievous Character

Sister Wives Star Gwendlyn Reveals Truely's Mischievous CharacterSister Wives fans always had a soft spot for Gwendlyn’s little sister, Truely Brown. Certainly, it didn’t slip their attention that Kody preferred to be on honeymoon with Robyn when she was born. Additionally, fans suspect that Kody wasn’t there much for his daughter as she grew up. Actually, she seems to have inherited her mom Christine’s sense of fun and she really let out her mischievous side this week.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown Grows Up With An Outgoing Personality

TLC fans always thought that underneath her unhappiness of being a 3rd wife, Christine had a great sense of humor. Actually, flashes of it emerged quite often during her Car Confessions on Instagram. Well, it certainly seems that Truely, her youngest child inherited that love for the funny side of life.

Sister Wives fans know that Gwendlyn seems rather less inclined to clown for the cameras. So, she’s often really quiet on social media. However, she took the time to share a fun moment with her little sister this week. In her photos, she revealed that Truely really can’t hide her intentions.

Sister Wives Star Gwendlyn Sets The Scene

Truely Brown and Gwen sat together on a couch in a series of photos that Gwen shared on Instagram. In her caption, she explained, “i forced truely to take photos with me and you can see the moment she decides to attack in the last pic.”

Well, fans saw that Truely went from sweet and charming to goofy, to notably mischievous in a flash. Actually, there’s no way she could ever be a good liar it seems. Her face really telegraphs her intentions.

Sister Wives Star Gwendlyn Reveals Truely's Michevous Cahracter
Gwendlyn Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans adore Truely because she seems like such a fun character. Recall, as a kid, she almost passed away when she went into renal failure. So, fans love that these days, she looks to be a bouncy and funny kid to be around. Additionally, they admire her because she told Kody to respect her boundaries when she was learning to ride a bike.

TLC Fans React In The Comments

Sister Wives fans quickly took to the comments of the post where Truely Brown got mischievous with her sister Gwendlyn. Here’s a small sample of what they said:

God bless you both truly is getting big🙌🔥.

😂😂 oh they might of been [spur] of the moment plans but that look says it all! She’s adorable.

Love Truleys Tee shirt 🤣.

No Way She can Tell A Lie!!!! her face gives her away lol.”

What are your thoughts on the fact that Truely seems to be very mischievous and incapable of hiding her intentions? Sound off in the comments below.

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