Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Visits Portugal Without Kody

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Visits Portugal Without KodySister Wives star Janelle Brown recently returned from a vacation/business trip to Disney. Well, now she jetted off to Portugal she shared the happy news on her Instagram. TLC fans couldn’t help but notice that Kody Brown does not appear to be with her. Additionally, some fans seemed surprised that she even owned a passport.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Attends A Plexus Retreat

In March, Janelle, Christine, and some of the kids enjoyed a vacation in Florida. It came when the two wives attended a Plexus leadership Retreat in Florida. Caleb and Maddie also went along, so Janelle enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren, Evie and Axel. But, when the vacation ended, she said that she felt a bit tired. So, fans joked about her needing a post-vacation vacation.

Sister Wives fans expected that around about now, Janelle would be moving back into her RV at Coyote Pass. She shared a clip of her son, Garrison helping her on the property. However, she apparently left that move in abeyance for now. Taking to her Instagram, she shared the news that she went on her first trip overseas in about 30 years.

Sister Wives Star Wins A Trip To Portugal

Janell had previously shared that she won a trip overseas from Plexus. Clearly, she wouldn’t let that opportunity slip away. So, off she went, and she started sharing about her exciting vacation. A lot of TLC fans wondered who she went with. Well, in her Instagram Stories, she revealed that she went with her “sister.”

Redditor u/Outrageous-Yogurt-80 posted about it on the r/SisterWives subreddit. Noting that Kody’s second wife went without her husband, they said, “That answers that question lol.”

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Visits Portugal Without Kody
Janelle Brown via u/Outrageous-Yogurt-80 / Reddit

Sister Wives fans discussed Janelle Brown’s sister and noticed how very much alike they look. Plus, others wondered just how much of the trip Plexus actually paid for. Of course, others discussed Kody’s absence.

TLC Fans Comment On Kody

Sister Wives critics talked about Kody not going along. One of them asked, “Why would anyone want to take kody? Have fun or take kody.”

Agreeing with that, another critic opined, “Have you ever seen An Idiot Abroad? That’s what I imagine travelling with Kody would be like. Non stop complaints, non stop confusion, and always trying to explain why other cultures are wrong and Kody is right.”

Meanwhile, other Redditors discussed the fact that Janelle isn’t even a real wife. In fact,  they think that he can’t be considered to be a husband because he “just shows up for a chat and a bit of food every now and then.”

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