Teen Mom Alum Farrah Abraham Changes Careers – Comedian

Teen Mom Alum Farrah Abraham Changes Careers – ComedianTeen Mom alum, Farrah Abraham wanted to be a TV star. Next, she wanted to be a sex worker. Later, she decided law was her forte, and now she wants to be a comedian. But, it might be an uphill challenge as not a lot of people think she’s hilarious Even her mom seems at her wits’ end with her daughter.

Teen Mom Alum Farrah Abraham Gets Out Of Rehab

When Farrah Abraham ended up on the floor, restrained by a security officer, fans were disgusted. Actually, they expect that sort of thing from her. However, they worry about her daughter Sophia.

Well, as far as her mom Debra Danielsen feels, she’s a lost cause and it breaks her heart. Distancing herself, she claimed she never raised her daughter to be like that. It came after she apparently offered to sell her poop to clients.

Actually, the Teen Mom star seemed lucky that her mom stood by her in the past as she seemed to go downhill. Briefly, she decided to be a lawyer but ended up booted from Harvard. So, fans raged because she acted as if she could represent fans.

Well, it seems she needed some legal assistance as she was determined to bring a lawsuit against an officer who restrained her. Since then, she went into rehab and has now emerged with a new career in mind.

Are You laughing Yet? Teen Mom Farrah As A Comedian

TMZ released the news that Farrah wants a new career in stand-up comedy. The outlet reported that she decided to drop the lawsuit. Plus, she “recently worked on her past trauma, and she’s ready to take the next step in her career … by becoming a stand-up comedian!” But, are people who heard the news cheering with excitement and joy?

Some rather unfortunate screenshots appeared on Twitter after the news about the Teen Mom star arrived on Twitter. However, they hopefully l won’t stay up long. Others commented and some people spoke up in her defense. However, many people didn’t see anything funny about the MTV alum’s career switch.

Critics Comment

When TMZ shared their story on Twitter, lots of Teen Mom fans criticized Farrah. One of them said, “She’s changed profession more than a college student’s major.” 

Another unamused comment noted, Ummm, hard pass! Girl really wants to be famous.”

Teen Mom Alum Farrah Abraham Changes Careers - Comedian
TMZ / Twitter

A lot of comments came in similar to this one: “This is the only laugh she’ll get because this is a joke!”

What are your thoughts about Farrah Abraham deciding to change her career and become a stand-up comedian? Sound off in the comments below.

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