Welcome To Plathville Fans Grow Concerned About Moriah’s Health

Welcome To Plathville Fans Grow Concerned About Moriah’s HealthWelcome To Plathville spoilers and updates revealed that Morah Plath was a bit of a rebel in Georgia. She grew up on a farm, and her parents, Kim and Barry kept their kids pretty isolated from the world. Well, along came Ethan’s wife, Olivia, and she encouraged Moriah to find emancipation. But nowadays, fans worry about Moriah’s health and they think she is too thin and pale. In fact, some fans think she should go home to her mom.

Welcome To Plathville Star Moriah Plath Loves Living In Tampa

As soon as she was able, Moriah took off out of Kim’s home. TLC Fans saw that she found a nice boyfriend named Max, although that ended recently. Last season, fans saw that she started wearing very skimpy outfits and Max grew a bit jealous of her. Well, he was going to follow Moriah, Ethan, and Olivia to Tampa but he opted out. They split, but Moriah still enjoys herself.

Recently the Welcome To Plathville has been sharing about her adventures and they visited Colorado Springs. Since then, she posted up a whole range of photos and talked about learning to pole dance. While it looks like she is living her best life, some fans worry about her. Some of her photos reveal that she seems too thin. Meanwhile, others noticed that she looks pale and unhealthy.

Welcome To Plathville – Moriah’s Photos Worry TLC Fans

When Moriah shared her batch of photos earlier this month, she looked very beautiful, fans agreed. However, some of her outfits revealed her very small waist. But, what seemed to worry fans was the fact that her collar bone looked pronounced. Additionally, she seemed very pale. In her caption, she said, Just some random photos! Happy April.”

Welcome To Plathville Fans Grow Concerned About Moriah Health
Moriah Plath / Instagram

Plenty of Welcome To Plathville fans sent in their thoughts about the young beauty living her best life. However, other fans expressed their concern. One of them said, “You look so frail and pale not like you use to look hope all is well. look like you have a lot on your mind take care of yourself you are a beautiful girl.”

Meanwhile, another one wrote, “EAT SOMETHING!”

On Fan Thinks Moriah Should Go Home

One Welcome To Plathville fan seemed so worried, that they opined, “You need to go back and live with your parents. I’m seriously worried about you.”

This comment also arrived: “You could use a cheeseburger or two.”

While some fans tried to chase off people who expressed their concerns, it was certainly obvious that those who think she looks unhealthy mean well.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Moriah looks too thin and pale? Sound off in the comments below.

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