Why Are Duggar Fans Unhappy With Jeremy and Jinger?

Why Are Duggar Fans Unhappy With Jeremy and Jinger?Duggar Family Spoilers suggest that fans are very unhappy with Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Vuolo. What has the couple done to turn fans against them? Fans are not happy with some of the decisions Jeremy and Jinger have made, what has set them off?

Duggar Family Spoilers – Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Vuolo Want To Protect Their Children

Duggar family spoilers reveal that Jeremy and Jinger have decided to protect their children by not sharing their faces in photos. Jeremy recently shared a photo of their one-year-old, Evangeline Vuolo wearing little Nikes, a denim skirt, a sweater, and a denim jacket. Jinger and Evangeline are holding hands and the child is only shown from the waist down. However, Duggar fans wish they knew what the kids look like right now.

Duggar fans are not used to the children being sheltered since most of them grew up in the spotlight. Why have Jeremy and Jinger suddenly decided the kids need more privacy? Does the Vuolo’s decision stem from Josh Duggar’s arrest and conviction? Does the family simply want their children to have a normal life, unlike the spotlight the Duggars grew up in?

Duggar Family Spoilers – Fans Express Their Views In Comments On The Photo

Duggar fans left comments on the photo expressing their views of the Vuolos decision and some of them weren’t very nice. One fan seems to feel like the Duggars are a part of their extended family and believes their children should be shared with the world.

This fan believes it should be all or nothing, obviously, the Vuolos disagree. Another fan accuses the family of wanting the perks of being relevant to the public without being public figures. Another fan simply asks to see the children’s faces. Are the Vuolos just offering a tease to keep themselves in the public eye?

Why Are Duggar Fans Unhappy With Jeremy and Jinger?

Duggar Family Spoilers – Other Fans Offer Words Of Encouragement

Duggar Family Spoilers reveal that some fans are proud of the Vuolos for their decision to keep their girls out of the public eye. With everything that has come to light about Jinger’s brother Josh recently, there is no wonder that the family wants to keep the children safe. This is the second time that Josh has been in trouble over sexual issues and perhaps Jeremy and Jinger want to protect their children from this.

Jeremy and Jinger have to do what they feel is right for their children. Perhaps things are going on that fans know nothing about that has prompted this sudden decision to protect the children’s privacy. Could Jinger and Jeremy simply want to distance themselves from her family and the unending drama?

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