1000-Lb Best Friends Vannessa Cross and Weight Loss Progress Revealed

1000-Lb Best Friends Vannessa Cross and Weight Loss Progress Revealed1000-Lb Best Friends spoilers reveal that Vannessa Cross has really started to show her fans that she can find the motivation to lose weight. On the show, she and her best friends are trying really hard to lose the extra weight in order to have weight loss surgery. Vannessa has been trying her best to shed these extra pounds and by looking at her social media accounts, it looks like she has done it.

Vannessa’s Journey

When Vannessa lost her husband, she really started to go down a spiral of stress and depression. Her weight began to spiral as well. She wasn’t sure how to deal with the pain and that is when she started to overeat.

Food was the only way that she knew to make her feel better and comfort her. When she was at her heaviest, she weighed 500 pounds. She knew that she needed to get her life and health in order, but she just didn’t know how to do it. She has found a lot of support from her friends.

With the help of Dr. Procter, she met her goal weight, and now it looks like she is a candidate for gastric bypass surgery. Her fans are very excited to see how she looks these days and are very proud of her as well.

1000-Lb Best Friends Vannessa Cross and Weight Loss Progress Revealed

Vannessa’s Newest Posts

By looking at her progress, Vannessa has really changed. Her face looks a lot thinner and she looks very happy and radiant. She is smiling in most of her pictures and videos too. Vannessa told her fans that she knew that this would not be an easy task, but she was very motivated to lose this extra weight. It has been a lot of stress to get to this point with her weight, but she is on her way.

We cannot be too sure if she has had weight loss surgery yet, but her fans are very proud of her new healthier lifestyle and the changes she has made so far.

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