1000-Lb Sisters: Is Tammy Going Through Boyfriends Like Hot-Knifed Butter?

1000-Lb Sisters: Is Tammy Going Through Boyfriends Like Hot-Knifed Butter?1000-Lb Sisters fans always worry about Tammy Slaton who seems to focus more on her boyfriends than actually losing weight. In fact, in Season 3 of the TLC show, she told her doctor that she couldn’t be bothered as she felt depressed about her boyfriend. Is she going through them like butter? Since the start of the show, fans already saw several of them. Reportedly, she might have a new one since rumors about another one arose in March.

1000-Lb Sisters – Tamjy Slaton’s Many Boyfriends

In Season 1, fans discovered that Tammy had a boyfriend named Jerry Sykes. Despite claiming she doesn’t mind a relationship with other women, she sure likes the boys as well. Actually, it turned out that he was married. Additionally, fans slammed him because he seemed to enable her to overeat. Anyway, they split and she dated Phillip.

1000-Lb Sisters fans saw that by Season 3, Tammy Slaton dated Phillip Redmon, AKA BBW King from TikTok. You might recall, that she broke up with him after he started calling her multiple times every day. Even after she blocked his number, his calls persisted. So, she said that she planned to call the cops on him. In March this year, a new possible boyfriend appeared on the scene.

1000-Lb Sisters – Tammy Finds Another Boyfriend Since March?

Nathaniel Oliver, AKA Bigg Nate on TikTok featured with Tammy when they danced together. Naturally, TLC fans thought that he had replaced Phillip. Well, she denied he was a new boyfriend, claiming they met as friends and it hadn’t yet reached the stage of a romance. In any event, it doesn’t seem to have progressed beyond that point as she might have a new one already.

1000-Lb Sisters Tammy Going Through Boyfriends Like Hot-Knifed Butter
Mikey Mooney – Facebook via THG

New posts on social media reveal that the 1000-Lb Sisters has another new guy. The Hollywood Gossip reported about a Mikey Mooney, Recently, he posted a profile photo of himself with Tammy Slaton. Additionally, he posted a romantic photo of himself holding her hand. In the caption, he talked about being there for her through good times, and bad,

Is it Serious?

1000-Lb Sisters fans might wonder how serious this relationship will be. Well, TV Shows Ace reported that she talks about how much she loves her new man. Additionally, one of her comments read,Everything going to be just fine mylove I promise.”

What are your thoughts about yet another possible boyfriend arriving in the life of Tammy Slaton? Do you think that she dug up another one to appear alongside her if TLC brings back another season of the show? Sound off your through in the comments below.

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