1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Using Sister Amy

tammy slaton 1000 lb sisters1000-Lb Sisters spoiler reveal that fans have started to point out that Tammy Slaton has been using her sister, Amy Halterman. Viewers of the show feel that Tammy has shown just how selfish she is. She has gotten a serious attitude with all of her family members and friends when they check in on her weight loss journey.

Tammy feels like it is none of their business, but her family and friends are just worried about her health and how much longer she has if she doesn’t lose weight. She has also manipulated her sister and now fans are adding up all the times she has done so.

Tammy Slaton Using Her Sister

We have seen just how calculating Tammy’s personality can be. We have seen her playing the victim for so long, but it looks as if this has really paid off for her in life. She has pretty much gotten everything she wants from her sister and even from her ex-boyfriends.

A lot of viewers cannot deal with how she acts towards her family and the temper tantrums are really annoying to them. This is why fans are starting to share the moments in their sisterhood where Tammy has used Amy.

Food seems to be one of the main sources. When Tammy had her home nurse, Tisa, she asked her what her sister had bought for her and put in the fridge. Tisa gave her all of the options and it was clear that there was no junk food there. Tammy lost it! She made Amy feel really bad about the choices of food she put in her fridge and as much as Amy was trying to just help, she was very upset that her sister felt this way.

The Van Incident

One of the most famous incidents of Tammy’s manipulation is the scene when the family goes on vacation and she wouldn’t get out of the van. Tammy just used her anger to really get to Amy. She never apologized to her sister and this behavior continues from Tammy.

Why does Amy deal with this from her sister? We may never know, but we will keep an eye on these two.

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