90 Day Fiance Star Robert Springer Slams Bloggers After The Death Of His Baby

90 Day Fiance Star Robert Springer Slams Bloggers After The Death Of His Baby90 Day Fiance stars Robert Springer and Anny Francisco shared the terribly sad news that their son, Adriel (7 months) passed away. The news arrived on April 21, and many fans mourn for the couple. Now, Robert slammed bloggers who post clickbait stories about the death just to earn some income from swipe-up links.

90 Day Fiance Stars Robert Springer & Anny Are Heartbroken

Anny had told her fans in November last year that her baby boy was unwell. He went into a hospital, and after that, she shared quite a lot of photos. However, TLC fans were still shocked to hear the tragic news about his passing. Anny said, “I am devastated and my family… life is so hard and difficult.”

Later, the 90 Day Fiance stars farewelled their son, and that seemed even harder. Many fans turned out to offer love and support, and many of them also grieved for Adriel. And yet, it now seems that some bloggers thought that it was a good idea to profit off the death of their child. So now, the couple are not only devastated, but also seething with anger.

90 Day Fiance – Robert Asks For Help Reporting Clickbait

Robert Springer took to his Instagram Stories on May 3 and slammed bloggers that post about the death of Adriel by leaving clickbait links in their bios. So he slammed them for not knowing all the facts, and for putting in “pathetic swipe ups.” Next, he shared  a post that asked folks to “please report this page.” 

90 Day Fiance Star Robert Springer Slams Bloggers After The Death Of His Baby
Robert Springer / Instagram Stories

The 90 Day Fiance star asked fans to help to report bloggers who make clickbait off a tragedy, saying “Anny want u guys to help to report these accts plz.” The @shotzfired account also featured but in a nice way, as they also asked fans to report clickbait posts. So did John Yates, who shared about it on his own profile page.

John Yates Gets A reaction From Deavan Clegg

90 Day Fiance guru, John Yates helped to spread the word about Robert Springer and Anny Francisco’s tragedy being click-baited. TLC alum Deavan Clegg responded to John’s post. Angrily, she wrote, “I saw a lot of cast and pages [using] the story for swipe up revenue. I was shocked they didn’t delete or take it down. This is exactly why I stopped working with swipe up companies. I’m glad she said something.”

A follower also talked about it, saying, “Oh my gosh, this is absolutely horrific. Losing your child is absolutely devastating on every level. But then to have people try and exploit and profit from it, what is wrong with these people😤 THIS IS THE LAST THING she should be dealing with right now.” 

Obviously, fans noticed some articles in the tabloids as well. It’s not unusual for the tabloids to report this sort of thing. After all, Robert and Anny are actually quite famous. However, the very dramatic clickbaitish headlines really seemed unfair, one fan observed.

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