Alaskan Bush People Star Raiven Adams Introduces The Cutest New Baby

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Alaskan Bush People (ABP) stars Raiven Adams and Bear Brown tied the knot after their son River arrived. Actually, fans agree that he’s really cute and he looks a lot like his grandpa Billy. Well, now the couple added more cuteness to their family. This week, Raiven introduced Discovery fans to their new furbaby.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams & Bear Expand Their Family

Discovery fans might think that Bear and his new wife are on the outs. Actually, it seems like a bit of an odd situation. Recently, she accused him of allegedly pushing her around and causing a scratch. Well, he soon faces a court case, but the couple acts as though nothing actually happened.

Alaskan Bush People fans know that their son River clearly makes for a strong bond between Bear Brown and his wife. Often, they both share photos of themselves out and about with their little boy. Actually, even after Bear’s arrest, the photos kept coming. Clearly, they decided to deal with their differences in their very own way. Now, they expanded their little family.

Alaskan Bush People – Meet Raiven’s Cute New Baby Kitten

Raiven Adams took to her Instagram on May 5 and posted up a photo of a very cute little black kitten. In her caption, she explained that they didn’t want to get animals until River had grown up a bit. She noted, “With river getting a bit older we have the time! And she’s super sweet and cute!” The couple named their new furbaby “Saige.”

Alaskan Bush People Star Raiven Adams Introduces The Cutest New Baby
Raiven Adams / Instagram

Naturally, Alaskan Bush People fans took to the comments to talk about the little pet. Plenty of folks agreed that Saige looks very “cute.” Well, as Bear and Raiven decided to move into their place on the mountain, it looks like Saige will enjoy a life filled with birds and mice and other interesting things that appeal to cats.

Pets Take Committment

Alaskan Bush People fans like that Raiven Adams didn’t rush into getting a pet. As she waited until the couple could commit the time to a furbaby, one fan wrote, “So cute! I love that you thought this out first! I love my fur babies but they are definitely a commitment!”

Meanwhile, other Discovery fans reminded the couple to get their little pet “fixed” soon, so unwanted litters don’t arrive.

What do you think about the couple seemingly staying together, committing to each other, to their son, and to their new furbaby? Are you surprised that despite the court case, they seem determined to stick it out and work things through rather than getting a separation? Sound off in the comments below.

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