America’s Got Talent Extreme Slammed With Serious OSHA Violations

 America’s Got Talent Extreme Slammed With Serious OSHA ViolationsAmerica’s Got Talent Extreme brings some really good specialists in their fields and Jonathan Goodwin decided to try his luck as an escape artist. Unfortunately, he ended up badly injured. After OSGHA investigated, the department decided that the show failed to provide proper health and safety. So, they issued two violations that took place on the set in Georgia.

America’s Got Talent Extreme – What Happened With Jonathan?

2021 brought more than one report of sad news amongst talented individuals. Simon Cowell finally made his full recovery after breaking his back. Additionally, Howie Mandel collapsed and frightened everyone when he collapsed. But it didn’t end with that and some people passed away.

America’s Got Talent star Thomas Wells passed away tragically in an accident at work. And, the next tragedy arrived that Skilyr Hick died at the end of the year. However, none of that happened on the set of a show. But, in October, on the Extreme edition, Jonathan Goodwin had a terrible accident and he ended up paralyzed. During his act, he was meant to escape from a straightjacket and fall onto an air mattress.

It all took place during a rehearsal, and apart from escaping, he had to do it whilst two swinging cars hurtled towards him. Mistiming resulted in the cars colliding, catching fire, and causing Jonathan to fall and break his back.

America’s Got Talent Extreme OSHA Investigate

OSHA stepped in to assess what went wrong. If you don’t know, The Sun reported that his fiance said, “He fell 30 feet and lost a kidney, broke both shoulder blades, shattered both legs.” Additionally, he suffered from “third degree burns, broke his spine and severed his spinal cord.” 

The OSGHA investigation looked into it to see if AGT could have prevented the accident. According to a new report by the outlet, America’s Got Talent Extreme should have done more. In fact, they found that they didn’t have an adequate “airbag or safety net.” Additionally, they failed to ensure that it was in the right place to “protect” Johnathan  from “contacting the lower ground level.”

America's Got Talent Extreme Faces Serious OSHA Violations
Jonathan Goodwin Official / Instagram

 Secondly, America’s Got Talent Extreme organizersdidn’t ensure each safety net system met with requirements.” Well, it seems that although the contestants enter the show knowing that they might get hurt, the organizers share responsibility for ensuring that they perform in a safe environment. 

Dangerous Acts

The America’s Got Talent hosts and judges of the Extreme edition of the show always tell fans not  to “try this at home.”  Well, in some instances, it seems that allowing the competitors to try it on the set also carries a lot of responsibility.

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