Counting On: Are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Ignoring Jill Dillard?

Counting On: Are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Ignoring Jill DillardCounting On spoilers, news, and updates tease that fans are wondering if Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are dissing Jill Dillard. Fans are wondering if they are snubbing their daughter, and if yes, for what reason?

Jim Bob and Michelle’s recent social media activities have started to raise concerns that they may be ignoring Jill. Fans may recall that Jill announced back in February that she’s having her third baby. She shared a lot of photos related to her pregnancy news. However, it seems like her parents are remaining mum about it.

The Duggar family has an Instagram page, which is run by Michelle and Jim Bob. It’s where they post photos from special events like weddings, births, and pregnancies. The account recently posted Jed, Katey, and their new baby boy. However, they didn’t mention anything about Jill’s pregnancy.

It’s been a while since Jill made her pregnancy announcement, but Jim Bob and Michelle still haven’t acknowledged it. Fans are wondering if they’re snubbing their daughter or if they’re just respecting Jill’s wishes.

Jill Wants Boundaries

In the past, Jill has made it clear that she wants to set boundaries between herself and her family. She mentioned that her parents aren’t invited to all her events. It’s possible that Jill asked her parents to stay quiet about her pregnancy.

How Many People Knew About Josh Duggar’s Inappropriate Behavior

Elsewhere, there have been reports that Josh Duggar’s sexual abuse was made known to some people before it was made public back in 2015. According to sources, some of the Duggar’s home church members knew about Josh’s inappropriate behavior.

Counting On: Are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Ignoring Jill Dillard

In 2003 and 2004, Josh allegedly molested a family friend and four of his sisters. His parents told the Holt family about their son’s problems. At that time, Josh was going out with Kaeleigh Holt. But when she learned about Josh’s secret, she decided to end their relationship.

But aside from that, Kaeleigh wrote the details of Josh’s sexual abuse in a letter, which she slipped into a book. Kaeleigh’s friends discovered the letter, and the abuse details were spread to other people.

Since then, Kaeleigh has moved on with her life and got married. Meanwhile, Josh married Anna Duggar, and they had seven children. But things aren’t going well for Josh and Anna. He’s currently in prison and awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of child pornography.

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